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Student Council for SY 2011-2012

The Student Council finally concluded one of its most successful voting campaign for the Student Council Elections last June 23-24, 2011. The council was very pleased with more than 65% voter turn-out despite the heavy rains and suspension of classes in the afternoon of the second day for voting. It was an almost landslide victory for ORIG Party over rival Team Unity as Kim Ngo, Nickole Barcelon and Rose Rono grabbed the seats for President, Secretary and Treasurer of the campaign.

President: Kim Ngo
Vice-President: RJ Samson
Secretary: Nickole Barcelon
Treasurer: Rose Rono
Business Manager: Myles Capareda
First Year Representatives: Jen Cristobal & JC Chang
Second Year Representatives: Elmer Angeles, Jean Estoesta & Rusdee Bolante

After their first order of business last Monday, June 27, 2011, we caught up with the new Student Council and interviewed them on what the students could expect for this school year.

What are the main goals of the Student Council this year?
Our five main goals are (1) to develop good citizens and leaders among the students, (2) to foster a spirit of cooperation among students and faculty, so that there will be harmony and understanding among the students and staffs of CIIT ,(3) to provide a means for student expression through the wholesome activities we shall propose and pursue, (4) to encourage student involvement so that they may have the opportunities to develop and show their skills and talents; and lastly (5) to promote and encourage activities for the best interest of the school.

What are some of the projects in line this year for the Student Council?

First of all, we would like to start the school year with the ever so traditional Acquaintance Party so that we may get to know the Freshmen! We are also pursuing for the Intramurals because artists and programmers need to stretch their muscles and bones once in a while. Also, one of our new projects is the Educational Month, we would explain the details soon and we really hope that this project will be successful.

One of our long term programs is to have a stable bank account for the Student Council. This shall be passed on to the next batch of officers. The savings shall be intended for student activities. We are hoping to set-up activities like Artist of the Month wherein the entries shall be posted to the official website of CIIT. We would also like to have a project on the improvement of signage in the school. Five years from now, we hope to see CIIT as one of the top IT school in the Philippines by producing competent and well rounded individuals.

How do you plan to implement these projects?
Of course, no one man team can do all these projects alone. We will accomplish each task with the help of our fellow officers, advisers, even our fellow classmates, and definitely with the School Administration.

Any message to the all students that you are now representing?
We would like to thank our fellow students who believed and put their faith on us. We promise to do our best for the betterment of the institution and for the satisfaction of a wonderful school year. We certainly would appreciate it very much if our fellow students, especially the freshmen, would greet us when we walk down the hallway and come to us to talk about their concerns pertaining to the school. Thank you so much!

Student Council President, Kim Ngo

Student Council Secretary, Nickole Barcelon

First Student Council meeting held June 25, 2011

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