Sine Siklab 2019: A Blazing Start

CIIT Celebrates Its First Film Festival: SINE SIKLAB 2019: A Blazing Start

For the very first time in CIIT History, students will be competing in our very own film festival event this year, the Sine Siklab 2019: A Blazing Start. This prestigious school-wide event kicked off with 11 film entries from CIIT students of different year levels. All thanks to 24 Frames, the official film and video organization of CIIT, for finally making this long-awaited school-based film festival.

The theme, “A Blazing Start”, was conceptualized exclusively by the student members of 24 Frames in celebration of their fifth year Anniversary. Since its establishment in 2014, they have been an effective partner of the school in helping its students discover and nurture their skills related to filmmaking, scriptwriting, and post-production. In just five years’ time, they have greatly influenced numerous CIIT Multimedia students to push their passion for film-related projects beyond the four corners of the classroom. This five-year milestone has inspired the organization to not only stage a competition that would showcase both the creativity and talent of our CIITZENS but also marks the birth of a greater dream brought about by the spirit of excellence.

“It (Sine Siklab) is an extended presentation and competition of short films that aims to showcase the talents of students in the field of cinema and that provides a platform for creating inspirational and influential feature productions that will make significant impacts on our nation’s future in filmmaking and in globalization,” 24 Frames noted . The mandate of the organization is to restore the former glory of the Philippine Cinema by introducing fresh ideas derived from 21st century aspiring Filipino Art Students. The logo and title itself is a clear representation of this
idea – The fire symbolizes our dedication to reach greater heights, the film strip and Filipino term “sine” symbolizes the art of Philippine cinema, the letter C represents CIIT, and finally the letter S inspired by the word “Siklab” which means to set ablaze, epitomizes the Filipino spirit of resilience.

After months of deliberation, planning, and preparation, Sine Siklab was finally launched last June. Filmmaking enthusiasts from our college rejoiced and hurriedly formed teams mimicking production houses that handle film development in the real world. By the end of the registration period, 11 production titles were approved which is an exceptionally remarkable feat given the short span of time for submission.

Last July 8, marked the release of the much-awaited films to the public through a film screening which lasted until July 17. The 11 finalists are as follows:

  1. “New” | Directed by Josh Roque
  2. “Cathy” | Directed by Ricci Nicole Bilbao
  3. “Can I Still Believe in the Sun’s Promise?” | Directed by Rodel Rey Roquillas
  4. “Sulyap sa Tadhana” | Directed by Ryven Rabang
  5. “APPROVALYPSE” | Directed by Bianca Gonzales & Angel Pomarejos
  6. “Dito” | Directed by Wesley Jedd Felias
  7. “Pag-uwi” | Directed By Shandale Sy
  8. “Ligaya” | Directed by Clarisse Ochenta & Lance Davantes
  9. “Kriegspiel” | Directed by Darwin Orendain
  10. “Tenant” | Directed by Jose Solitario
  11. “Blush” | Directed by Gayle Oblea

Winners will be announced during the Awards Night on July 19, 2019, at 6:00 PM at the GT-Toyota Asian Center, UP Diliman. The cast and crew will also be featured on the red carpet at 5 PM. Everyone is invited to attend and is encouraged to come wearing their best formal or semi-formal attire. The regular fee is PHP 150.00. For more information, you may visit 24 Frames Facebook page.

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