CIIT a leading school that offers ABM strand with technopreneurship

CIIT ABM Strand Focuses on Technopreneurship: Producing Globally Competent Entrepreneurs

CIIT brings a new light to the ABM strand by having a more focused course with its senior high school technopreneurship program.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most sought-after career paths in this digital age. The number of youths who want to explore the prospect of having their own businesses has increased. In fact, according to one of the articles from CNBC, 62% of Gen Z said they have started or intended to start a business.

Because of this, it’s expected that young entrepreneurs have the necessary skills to succeed in this competitive field. These include but are not limited to marketing, financial skills, customer service, strategic and critical thinking, and business management. 

If you’re one of those aspiring businesspeople, you need to have what it takes to dominate the global market. One way to be prepared for this is by starting with the basics—an excellent educational background.

As one of the leading digital arts and technology-centered schools in the Philippines, CIIT ensures to be a frontrunner when it comes to providing quality education. Hence, the institution has given its senior high school program Accounting, Business and Management (ABM) strand a boost. This is done by revamping the curriculum and highlighting technopreneurship as part of this specialized track.

The ABM strand isn’t a new thing as it has been part of the Department of Education (DepEd) K-12 program since 2012. However, CIIT makes sure that its courses are up-to-date and can pass the global educational standards. At the same time, the CIIT senior high school department also aligns its program offerings with the curriculum provided by DepEd. This is so senior high students are armed with the necessary knowledge and skills to be effective and successful entrepreneurs.

CIIT understands the rise of digital businesses, technology, and the demand for innovative business-minded professionals. Moreover, there’s no denying that business and technology are knitted more than ever to achieve success. Thus, it’s a vital move for the school to tailor its program to produce industry-expert, tech-savvy businesspeople. Its specialized track enables students to have a competitive advantage over others with their technical know-how about the business and tech industries.

Technopreneurship in the ABM strand prepares students to get ahead of the game. This is accomplished through an improved curriculum, an environment conducive to learning, a first-rate teaching style, and immersion programs. The curriculum involves programs that focus on digital economies, best marketing practices, effective managerial approaches, financial management, and technological innovation, among others.

Aside from the course outline, CIIT ensures that classrooms and online learning management systems are advantageous for both students and teachers. It has also made a continuous effort to assure students and stakeholders that teachers and other staff are experts and leaders in their fields.

Moreover, the college has partnered with over 90 companies that are pillars in their industries. Some of these companies include Accenture, IBM Philippines, Limitless Lab, Mynt, and Tech Factors. This opens more doors for students to have worthwhile experiential learning through work immersion opportunities.

All these efforts are a reflection of the institution’s mission to “commit to [improving] Filipino lives by empowering the youth through industry-ready, values-driven, and accessible education.” Be part of CIIT and experience a world-class ABM technopreneurship track. Visit the Admission page to learn more about their programs and enrolment process.

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