self awareness and values enhancement

Self Awareness and Values Enhancement (S.A.V.E.) Workshop

Operations were put on hold last June 2, 2017 in order to make way for CIIT’s first ever Self Awareness and Values Enhancement (S.A.V.E.) workshop for its employees. Reynard Francisco and volunteers from the RLAF Training Group visited CIIT to conduct the workshop.

The whole day workshop centered around strengthening not only our personal and spiritual values, but to forge deeper connections with our fellow  CIIT employees. There was a lot of personal sharing involved in this workshop. People hugged, people cried, hugged and cried some more, then joked around. The workshop also served to have everyone make new friends, not just because there were a lot of new faces over the past few weeks, but also because even the long time employees rarely got to interact with each other.

Aside from forming deeper personal/familial bonds with our co-workers, one major accomplishment made during the workshop was a unified set of goals that everyone in the company pitched in to list down. Even the new employees chimed in with as much enthusiasm as the veterans of  CIIT.

All in all the workshop was a welcome change of pace from our usual hectic and fast-paced days here. More than serving as a kind of respite from the stresses of work, the workshop served as an amazing and deep bonding moment for everyone involved in the operations of  CIIT. We would like to thank Coach Reynard and the RLAF training group, as well as our Senior High School department, for making all of this possible.

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