Students in CIIT Adopt Hybrid FLEX Learning Mode

A Top-Notch Hybrid Learning System in the Philippines Has Been Implemented for CIIT Senior High School and College Students

With health crises still looming around, a flexible learning mode has been brought into effect for CIIT PH students.

Classes in the Philippines for Academic Year 2022-2023 have fully reopened after two years of being interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, CIIT Philippines College of Arts and Technology recently introduced an educational approach known as “Hybrid FLEX Learning Mode” (Hybrid FLEX) for their students this school year to ease the transition back into onsite operations. This manner of instruction combines face-to-face (F2F) and online distance learning.

Hybrid FLEX is being put into practice to accommodate the diverse situations of CIIT senior high school (SHS) and college students in terms of vaccination status, transportation access and readiness for face to face interaction. Currently, CIIT has already implemented Hybrid FLEX in college for the first semester of the academic year. SHS, on the other hand, will continue to implement a wholly online distance learning program for the first quarter. By the second quarter, it will gradually transition into a full Hybrid FLEX set up.

With the Hybrid FLEX program, students attend a mix of online and onsite classes. Online classes are held using Zoom and Canvas, a cloud-based learning management system (LMS). On days designated for onsite classes, students who choose a fully online modality will join the ongoing onsite class simultaneously through Zoom. Students can switch modalities at the end of each quarter and depending on the health protocols in place.

The creation of the Hybrid FLEX Learning Mode is a significant move for the digital arts and technology school as it tries to keep education accessible during these challenging times. It maintains the quality of education for all students no matter the circumstances.

Having the current health predicament in mind, CIIT has resolved for their AY 2022-2023 objectives to “establish a strong online program that will maintain a quality of education at par with the demands of the industry during the pandemic.” With this goal, it is clear that the utmost priority of the school and their programs is consistent relevance while safeguarding the wellbeing of its students.

As the nation takes the first step toward learning recovery, UNICEF Philippine Representative Oyunsaikhan Dendevnorov mentioned in a statement last August 22, 2022, “Each day spent in the classroom is an opportunity for us to improve and chart the path to an effective, equitable, and resilient education system.”

Essentially, Hybrid FLEX is a highly flexible program that differs from those offered by other schools, in that it aspires to pave the way to a more effective educational system. Therefore, CIIT continues to look for ways to meet the student’s individual needs and help them achieve both their educational and personal objectives.

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