an intern from CIIT showcased remarkable internship performance

Host Companies Laud BSEMC CIITzens for Outstanding Internship Performance

As a result of CIIT’s industry-based teaching, several CIIT students have achieved remarkable success during their internship tenures at renowned EMC companies.

CIIT College of Arts and Technology highly values the job readiness and overall employability of its graduates. This drive has led the institution to offer not only specialized courses but also an array of internship opportunities at over 90 leading companies in the country. With such an initiative, CIIT aims to provide its senior high school and college students with meaningful pre-employment experience. This, in turn, will equip them with industry-relevant competencies to help them thrive in a real-world work setting.

This unwavering commitment once again resulted in noteworthy achievements, as three CIITzens from the Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing program recently attained great success during their internships. The host companies were deeply impressed with the exceptional skills and knowledge demonstrated by the students during the internship period.

One of the companies that expressed their admiration is HPL Game Design, a creative service provider that focuses on designing NFTs, developing video games, and creating social media content. Given the creativity and expertise needed in their work, the company is pleased with the performance that the intern from CIIT has shown.

You consistently demonstrate a meticulous approach to testing and have an eye for identifying even the smallest bugs and glitches. This level of thoroughness has greatly contributed to the overall quality of the games we are developing. You have shown a strong grasp of the tools and technologies used in game testing. I have confidence that you will continue to grow and excel in your role as a QA Game Tester. Your dedication and enthusiasm for the job are evident, and I look forward to witnessing your continued development.” stated Mr. Edmund John N. Rances, the team lead, in his evaluation.

Another CIIT student achieved a similar outcome as she effectively carried out her role for Keyword Studios, a reputable provider of arts, game development, audio, marketing, and quality assurance services. In an assessment conducted by Mr. Leo Carlo Palileo, the lead 3D artist of the company, he said, “What stand out about her are the communication skills and the quality of her work. She may benefit from improving the speed of her work and decision-making skills. Overall, it was a great performance, taking everything into consideration.”

Similarly, this narrative extends to another CIITzen who worked for The Studio of Secret6 Inc., a company that specializes in delivering quality assurance and 3D art production services for diverse gaming platforms, including consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. The company acknowledged the intern’s remarkable technical proficiency and steadfast dedication to the tasks given to him.

He doesn’t really need to improve on anything work-ethics-related. He was able to provide output like any other full-time employee even though he is still an intern. He worked with the team really well and was able to adapt to the workflow in a short amount of time. He would also ask a lot of questions if he was not sure about something. If you were going to ask me if I would personally recommend hiring him for the company, I would say yes.” according to an evaluation by Mr. Sean Ezekiel Mag-ampo, project lead.

To continuously foster the development of adept and well-rounded students akin to the three mentioned earlier, CIIT strives to enhance its curriculum and consistently align it with the latest industry trends and dynamic job market demands. Furthermore, it seeks to bolster its efforts by providing state-of-the-art facilities and premium software that are utilized by global enterprises.

Beyond the technical aspects of learning, CIIT also places significant importance on the quality of its learning environment. That’s why the institution takes pride in its inclusive and supportive learning community, where innovators and creators can thrive. This involves instilling effective collaboration in the students and encouraging them to work toward a common goal, ultimately producing graduates who are not only responsible and skilled professionals but also highly valuable team assets.

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