CIIT’s industry-backed SHS Education

CIIT Sets New Standards in SHS Education, Providing Innovative and Tech-Driven Programs

In response to the continuously evolving educational landscape, the institution ensures to provide SHS programs that exceed industry standards.

Renowned for its commitment to upholding educational excellence, CIIT Philippines highly recognizes the vital role of quality senior high school programs in the development of its students. This drive prompted the institution to consistently align its curriculum with the latest industry standards and trends. With this advantage, CIIT equips its SHS graduates with the competencies they would need to thrive in both the higher education and professional realms.

For over 15 years, the institution has adopted a student-centric approach across its entire learning community and operational framework. This involves proactively engaging with CIITzens to identify and address their needs. Notably, recent CIIT data suggests a deliberate trend among incoming Grade 11 students who purposefully opt for the SHS program from schools where they intend to pursue their college education. Bearing this in mind, the institution identifies the need to differentiate its courses as compared to those of other educational providers.

For this reason, CIIT takes their Media and Visual Arts and Animation Strands to the forefront, with both programs transcending the boundaries of creative education. Instead of merely learning how to create designs, students can gain exposure to an array of artistic expressions, ranging from traditional drawing and painting to advanced film and video production. Within these immersive programs, CIIT seamlessly integrates lessons on entrepreneurship, practical research, and English for academic and professional excellence. This ensures that students will not only cultivate their passion for creativity but also turn it into sustainable careers and businesses.

Apart from the creative fields above, CIIT also highlights its Accountancy, Business, and Management Strand, which departs from traditional ABM courses. This innovative program goes beyond standard textbook learning by providing valuable knowledge in technopreneurship, digital marketing, and emerging technologies. As a result, students can effectively navigate modern business models, utilize industry tools, and explore cutting-edge theories.

Technical proficiency also occupies a central place at CIIT, with its programming strand designed for aspiring engineers, developers, and programmers. Here, students can gain a comprehensive understanding of various relevant coding languages, thereby expanding their technical capabilities beyond specialization in a single code. This comprehensive approach enhances their employability and opens diverse avenues for their professional growth.

To fully augment these courses, the institution established a modernized structure known as the Interweave Building, which was inaugurated on November 22, 2018. Its colorful and innovative design resonates with CIIT’s identity as an arts and technology school. This advanced facility will serve as the future hub for SHS CIITzens, which will allow them to leverage state-of-the-art resources, such as advanced computer labs and a cutting-edge tech library.

Finally, CIIT takes its efforts a step further by also providing students with an array of internship opportunities at over 90 leading companies throughout the nation. This initiative empowers students with invaluable pre-employment experience, enabling them to acquire essential workplace skills. This endeavor aligns with the institution’s primary objective of delivering accessible yet top-notch education to SHS students, all while maintaining a holistic and well-rounded perspective to learning.

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