CIIT Philippines’ media launch

CIIT Philippines Lauded for Innovative Programs, Showcased at Media Launch Event

The media launch held by CIIT garnered praise for its impressive presentation and content as it highlighted the new programs offered by the institution.

CIIT College of Arts and Technology once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the curve through continuous innovation of its programs and curriculum. The resounding success of its recent media launch held last March 9, 2023 garnered praise from various attendees, such as media guests and industry experts. This significant accomplishment helped CIIT effectively communicate its objective of providing valuable insights into its new and technology-driven courses, namely the ABM Senior High Track and BS Entrepreneurship program.

During the launch event, CIIT representatives encouraged members of the press, writers, and editors to participate in various interactive sessions. These sessions involved a campus tour showcasing the institution’s state-of-the-art facilities, a hands-on demonstration on building an e-commerce online ordering system, and creating a POS system. These firsthand experiences aimed to give attendees a comprehensive understanding of what sets CIIT apart from its competitors and its impact on the country’s education landscape.

“This audience is wired to be creators themselves, so our programs will resonate well with them because the knowledge and skills they will acquire will make their ideas come to life efficiently,” CIIT’s president, Sherwin O, said.

To further emphasize their edge, the event also focused on the advantages of using industry-grade software in CIIT’s ABM Senior High Track and BS Entrepreneurship programs. By integrating these tools into the curriculum, students can gain not only a thorough grasp of various business theories and concepts but also practical skills and knowledge to optimize diverse business tasks. Local and international companies widely adopt such innovations, making CIIT’s technology-based approach to education highly relevant to the demands of the job market. Ultimately, these efforts will bridge the gap between industry and education, producing competent and job-ready graduates.

“CIIT has always been into arts and tech, but its unique entrepreneurship and ABM programs that will revolutionize the way a business is run using different technologies in its daily operations—like CIIT itself—now tie things together,” said Sherwin O. “Unlike most entrepreneurship and business management programs, CIIT goes beyond the usual expectations of discussing classroom concepts and creating traditional business models. CIIT transforms the experience by also adding digital platforms and business-level tools to allow our students to turn their ideas into real tech startups.”

With these next-level courses, CIIT now offers a complete educational ecosystem, featuring a range of innovative programs that cater to diverse academic and career goals. This is in accordance with the vision of its founder and board chair, Elson Niel S. Dagondon, who established the institution in 2008.

“Innovation is part of our DNA, in which we seek to continuously improve our systems, processes, and ways of doing things. In fact, our courses are customized based on industry needs and standards, which have been validated and recognized by seasoned professionals and our more than 100 company partners. We want to equip our organizations as well as Filipinos with this knowledge and skills, which will allow us to be on par with international organizations,” Mr. O stated.

Along with improving their courses, CIIT also acknowledges that not all students have equal financial resources to access a high-quality education. For this reason, the media launch also highlighted their scholarship programs and grants, which aim to support eligible students who exhibit academic excellence but whose pursuit of studies is constrained by their lack of financial resources. By offering financial support, CIIT wants to ensure that deserving students have access to the education they deserve, regardless of their economic status.

Overall, the media launch successfully fulfilled its purpose, impressing the attendees with CIIT’s cutting-edge programs, exceptional facilities, and competent faculty. This clearly conveyed the institution’s commitment to providing top-quality and accessible education, not only in multimedia arts and technology but also in the business management and entrepreneurship fields.

CIIT Philippines is now accepting enrollment for the ABM Senior High Track and BS Entrepreneurship programs for the upcoming academic year. To learn more, interested individuals may visit CIIT Philippines’ official website or social media pages.

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