Aspiring students can enjoy scholarships and tuition installment plans to study at CIIT Philippines.

Pursuing a College Degree is Now More Accessible with CIIT PH’s Scholarships and Bukas Tuition Installment Plans

CIIT PH ramps up efforts in providing high-quality yet accessible education through scholarship programs and becoming one of the recognized partners of Bukas.

To address the financial difficulties faced by students in pursuing their studies, CIIT Philippines College of Arts and Technology is offering three different scholarships: the Future CIITzen Scholarship Grant, Interweave Scholarship, and the Financial Aid Scholarship. In addition to these grants, the institution officially partnered with Bukas, a financing company that seeks to provide affordable student loans and payment systems. This partnership gives students the option to pay their tuition and miscellaneous fees through a more convenient integrated monthly installment plan.

One of CIIT’s core missions is ensuring that quality education is accessible to all Filipinos. In line with this, CIIT seeks to continuously offer competitive rates for their tuition fees. Despite this, they understand that many students still struggle to meet the financial requirements. Hence, by partnering with Bukas to provide assistance to these students, the institution hopes to alleviate their burden and give them a chance for a quality CIIT education.

To this end, CIIT offers the Future CIITzen Scholarship, one of the aforementioned programs, to welcome incoming college students. This grant gives them a 20% discount on both tuition and miscellaneous fees, provided that they meet the minimum academic requirements. Additionally, they must rank among the 50 top-performing students on the CIIT Admissions Test and maintain excellent grades throughout their stay at the institution.

The Interweave Scholarship Program, on the other hand, caters to recent SHS graduates with exceptional skills in multimedia arts, animation, programming, game development, information science, and/or entrepreneurship based on their portfolios. In support of these talented students, the program is giving them a 100% discount on all school fees, provided that they have outstanding academic performance and are also honor students. For CIIT SHS graduates, the top students from their respective programs are automatically eligible for the scholarship.

Currently, enrolled students can also take advantage of the institution’s financial support. Thus, if you have completed at least one academic year and have excellent grades but lack the means to comply with the school’s financial demands, you are encouraged to apply for the CIIT Financial Aid Program. One of its main perks is a 50% to 80% discount on both tuition and miscellaneous fees. To be eligible, you must present proof of a monthly family budget per person below PHP 8,000, excluding home loans, rent, and utilities.

Aside from these scholarships, CIIT’s partnership with Bukas lets students have the option of choosing a more flexible and affordable way of paying school fees. For instance, if you have a PHP 25,000 balance at CIIT, you can apply for a student loan from Bukas and divide the repayment terms into 12 monthly installments. This makes it easier for you to manage your finances and focus more on your studies. You may visit Bukas’ official website for more details.

Indeed, financial assistance programs play a vital role in promoting quality, accessible education. With the continuous efforts of CIIT, the Filipino youth are one step closer toward reaching their dreams and career goals. They can study a specialized curriculum that allows them to be a competitive candidate in the job market, gain access to world-class technology and tools, and be mentored by top industry professionals.

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