CIIT’s advanced online admission system gives student applicants easier access.

A Convenient and Secure Admission System by CIIT Philippines is Now Accessible for Aspiring Student Applicants

The top multimedia arts school’s ongoing online admissions and enrollment processes are now faster and easier.

With the new academic year approaching, CIIT Philippines is now accepting online applications for incoming senior high school (SHS) and college enrollees. In line with this, CIIT is using an advanced system of online admission that is very easy to use, called the CIIT Online Admission System, or COAST.

Whereas the enrollment for SHS Grade 11 students began on June 1, 2022 and is still ongoing, the schedule for the opening of freshmen college enrollment on the other hand would begin on June 20, 2022. Before they can enroll, student applicants must first log in to COAST. According to CIIT’s website, COAST is a self-service site that incoming SHS, college students, and transferees can easily access.

In addition, both Filipino students residing in the Philippines and abroad can enroll in CIIT’s Online Distance Learning (ODL) courses through COAST. This admission system is hassle-free and secure. Applicants can upload documents, choose payment options, schedule their entrance exam, and complete their application efficiently and easily.

To begin one’s application journey, they must go to the COAST signup page and fill out the necessary information to create their own account. Following registration, applicants must pay the ₱500 non-refundable admission fee via the COAST payment section. They can pay using their preferred payment method, such as online banking or an e-wallet.

Applicants may schedule their entrance exam after their payment has been successfully accepted and they have received notification from the CIIT Admissions Team that they can now schedule their exam. After taking the exam, applicants must fill out the recommendation form and other required information for the application form in COAST. Moreover, after completing the application, student candidates must upload required enrollment documents to the same site. Finally, they have to wait for the results of their exam and admission screening to reserve their enrollment slot, which will be posted on COAST as well.

As the Philippines dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, campuses were challenged to improve their student admission processes. Thus, schools like CIIT developed this enhanced automated online admission system. Aside from that, COAST is a transparent and efficient way of being admitted for hopeful students.

Since managing admissions can be a huge task for institutions, especially in this new normal way of living caused by the pandemic, COAST benefits both school administrators and students. Without any hassle, the system will provide applicants with real-time updates on the status of their application. It’s a preview of an efficient and high-quality academic experience at CIIT.

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