Parents Orientation International BS-Program in Malaysia

The Academics Department finally held the much awaited initial orientation for the International BS-Program of CIIT in Malaysia. Parents of all graduating students were invited to attend the orientation held February 5, 2011. The aim of the orientation was to provide all the important details that would help all the parents and students decide on whether they would continue and pursue their BS-Degree in Malaysia. Parents were also provided with detailed points regarding the curriculum in Malaysia, International Student Policies, Application Procedures and accurate estimates of the actual costs including the Tuition Fees, Lodging, Safety and Security, etc.

CIIT was very glad to find that parents were very pleased with the discounted rates. Everyone is definitely looking forward to the first batch of students flying and completing their International BS-Degree Program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this June 2011.

For more information regarding the International BS-Degree Program, feel free to call us at 411-1196 or you may access our Live On-line Assist Chat in this website.

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