Padayon Places Third

Padayon Films, a group of CIIT students, recently won third place in the “Better Home” leg of Security Bank’s Reel Quest intercollegiate video competition.

Padayon Films is composed of:

—  Jaycee Garcia – BAMA-VMG 5th year
—  Sean Valencia – BAMMA-VMG 3rd year
—  Trina Baclayo – DIP – MMA 2nd year
—  Ivor Palermo – DIP-MMA 3rd year
—  Martin Ramirez – DIP-MMA, 3rd year
—  Allen Ferrer – DIP-MMA 4th year
—  Vince Viloria – DIP-MMA 4th year
—  Adanel Dioquino – DIP- MMA 2nd year

Poster and Team Photos


padayon better home poster padayong group shot security bank (1)

Here’s what they had to say about their victory and the journey of creating their short film:

On why they joined:

Padayon felt the need to expand its space for collective growth and influence in a manner that is challenging and enjoyable. We joined the contest for these same reasons along with an honest recognition of our individual weaknesses.

On the concept that they chose:

“Capturing the values that make a home was part of the contest mechanics and to our advantage, to be honest, considering the universality of the idea. We would not have enjoyed the experience as much (as a team) given a different theme.”

The challenges that they faced during the production process:

We started working on the project right after examination period which also happened to be the holidays. Coming together really came as a challenge and the lack of both time and funding certainly did not help. Giving up was the easiest option but we endeavored to finish what we started with every drop of passion we had left in our system. Every sacrifice paid off as soon as we were able to submit our work less than two hours before the deadline.

The people that they wish to acknowledge:

We would like to give thanks to Dean. Avonn Nova and Sir Arman Mangilinan for helping us out on spreading the video. And of course to everyone who liked and shared the video. Thank you guys!

Once again, the CIIT community wishes to congratulate and thank the members of Padayon films for showcasing their talents, placing in the top 3, and bringing honor to CIIT. We’re very proud of you!

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