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One of PH’s Largest Food Manufacturers Trains with CIIT

Last October, a team of senior graphic artists from Universal Robina Corporation (URC) were given  a customized training on Packaging Design Essentials by Mr. Stanley Coloma here at CIIT. Being  employed by one of the major players in the industry, they wanted to build up and upgrade their  skills even more so that they can fully develop their ideas into something contemporary and  modish.

Anacleta M. Reynoso, who designed the latest packaging design of “Espesyal”, a bakery product of URC, stood out during the presentations and. We got to talk with her about her experience at CIIT, as well as her work and other matters regarding graphic and packaging design. She shared to us her thoughts which hopefully will help inspire design students through their way in the industry.

Tell us about working at URC.

I work as a Senior Graphic Artist for bakery products of Universal Robina Corporation (URC). I handled mostly other food categories. However, I am currently focusing on repackaging bakery products. One of them is the Espesyal cupcake. I wanted to design a package that will represent how I feel about a certain product. I would normally play around with colors which I think match the flavors of the product. I would often seek advice or opinions from colleagues and especially children since the product’s target market are the young kids.

When you were younger, did you foresee yourself working in the “Art & Design” Industry?

At first, I didn’t think of being a graphic artist at all. Not even in my dreams! Because I took up Advertising when I was in college. I’m not really good in hands-on. It’s just that I can make some layouts and some sorts using Photoshop. That’s all. Then, right now, it’s an unexpected turn in my life working in URC Art Department.

In creating a design, where do you get your inspiration?

Usually, I get my inspiration from the internet and from our competitors when I create designs so that mine will look better than theirs. I try to look at the designs from the consumers’ perspective. When I make a design concept, it is important to get an idea of what the customers’ first impression would be, and then I develop designs that look aesthetically pleasing so that they would be enticed to buy the product.

What did you like most about the training at CIIT?

There were many things which I really liked about the training, but some of those that pop up in my mind was the manner of how we were trained on distinguishing traditional and digital designs. I also enjoyed the part where we were asked to present the designs we created, which made us competitive and productive.

What topics or skill did you learn from the training which you did not know or have before?

I liked the topics on “Blending of Colors and The Principles of Input/Output” (On Design process and Printing Process). The visual effects were the most vital to me as they brought life to my designs because I normally produce plain and boring designs. The lessons were presented to us in a clear and logical manner, which helped us develop sensitivity in every design we do. We became organized and more detailed.

Was the training effective and how did it change your working techniques?

There was freedom! During the training, I got to express my ideas in a way that I really wanted. The passion to create and the keenness to details to deliver unique designs are very significant to me. Yes, it was effective as it helped me relate my personality to my assigned product lines. I learned to connect with my designs and the products I design for.

What pieces of advice can you give to our aspiring product packaging design artists?

You must remember that creating a design is dependent on the “taste” of the artist and the audience-consumers, as well as on the channel of communication. The aesthetic value of a product’s design increases its appeal to the consumers. The appearance of the product heavily influences consumer choice; therefore, the appearance of the product should communicate to customers the product’s market positioning.

When you make studies about your design, don’t content yourself with just a single study, but try to keep on making several studies. Continue reinventing your designs until you are satisfied with your final output. Have fun! Finding your niche and style in this creative industry is necessary. Try to find work in a company where you can learn from more established graphic artists and product packaging designers. And, lastly, don’t forget to love your craft, strive for excellence, and continuously be on the lookout for the latest trends in the business. This will put you on top of your game.

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