merry christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

CIIT releases its 2012 Christmas jingle entitled “Isang Awit Sa Pasko” in its bid to kick start the holiday celebrations. Inspired by the yearly “Station ID’s” of the biggest tv networks in the country, the project was conceptualized to also try and create a more meaningful connection amongst students, their families, staff, faculty, administrators, guards, janitors, etc. for this coming Christmas season. Composed and performed completely by volunteer CIIT students, the song narrates how really the most meaningful things in life for young people this Christmas centers on friends, family and loved ones.

music video is underway to hopefully capture the spirit and essence of the song and should be out just in time for the holidays. For the meantime, you may enjoy singing along to this music video documenting the studio recording process.

“Isang Awit Sa Pasko”
Artists: CIIT Students Collaboration

Ayca Nace – Composer, vocals
Kevin Vicencio – Vocals
Joannabel Pronaci – Composer, Vocals
Johnvic Pronaci – Composer, Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Sean Gonzales – Keyboards, Synths
Duanne Carandang – Drums
Jae Nicolas – Composer, Bass
Carlo Mina – Guitars

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