Lovemar Shows Creativity Through Custom Made Toys

 “Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.”  Romans 12:6 ESV

This is where it all started for Lovemar Miranda (or Kuya Love), a freshman 3D Visualization student here in our humble school. Art, being the only thing he knows how to do naturally, is one of the greatest gifts he has both used and maximized. Though at first, he was undecided with his course, he has finally found satisfaction with 3D Visualization as he silently longed to take an art course.

His hands started to create magic when he was just 4 years old and started to really love art when he joined art competitions when he was 10. His skills range from freehand drawing, digital and graphics designing to sculpting and doing custom toys and cosplay props.

Now, let’s focus our attention on his custom toys and props. Whenever Kuya Love shows his custom toys to people, they would be in awe and ask, “How did you do that with just paper?”

With glue, tissue, paper, plus a secret ingredient combined with his sculpting and paper mache skills, he was able to satiate his desire of seeing his art in a different angle. It takes him about 2-3 days in completing 1 or 2 custom toys. According to him, “Every art skill has its own uniqueness; you just have to explore it.

From almost a hundred custom toys that he made and sold (price ranging from 300-1000) his favorites are the ones that are challenging to do. Besides these toys, he also makes cosplay props and he particularly loves doing swords which eventually granted his wish of international recognition. He was the one who made the sword of the cosplayer who won the best costume and props during the 2010 Asia Cosplay Meet Philippines and eventually represented our country in Singapore. Awesome, right?

What his artworks are trying to convey is crystal clear: recycling papers and other scrap materials will always be cool. In case you’re thinking that it’s impossible for you to do this, just absorb what Kuya Love said, “Never say you can’t. Art is everywhere so keep on exploring (just like Dora the Explorer). Use your talent wisely so it will grow and bear fruit even one is enough to achieve success.”

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