Let’s Roll the Drums for CIIT’s Matt Ong!

Matt Ong claims that he was just an average dude who didn’t have many supportive fans until he had the chance to show his talent when he was in 6th grade. His great passion for music started when he began playing instruments at the age of eight, which helped him hone his skills.  As he got older, he signed up to be 1:43’s drummer but due to complicated schedules, it did not work out. Contacting his old friends and music friends, they later formed their own band which is now called “Line of 7.”

He wants to emphasize that they are playing songs while wearing school uniforms in their band to send a message to students that they can reach their dreams along with finishing their studies. Despite the intrigues about his band, he tries to show everyone that he knows how to handle issues professionally.  He doesn’t want to put too much focus on the negative side of the story, but on the positive lessons they have learned from it.

Aside from being a drummer of a band, he also shows great potential as an artist.  His interests range from sketching to painting that help him improve in his art subjects in school.  He’s not only a music maverick, but he’s also an artist in the making. Talk about being multi-talented!

So if I were you, I’ll go ahead and meet Matt Enderson Ong inside CIIT! Be his friend, get to know him personally, and ask him, “Bakit ka may LINE OF 7?”


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