Mr. & Ms. CIIT

Vallo and Germino Win First Mr. & Ms. CIIT 2011

On November 17, 2011, at Technowave II Terazzo, Tomas Morato, one of the most anticipated events at the CIIT was finally realized. With the assistance and hard work of the Student Council, SC moderator Ms. Rizalyn Aquino and Ms. Alley Valdeavilla, the sponsors, and the warm and heartfelt support of the students and the faculty, the search for Mr. and Ms. CIIT 2011 finally made its formal debut, creating an evening that no one would certainly forget.

Completely packed and graced by the presence of the event’s dear and gracious hosts and sponsors, the program started at exactly six, stirring emotions and provoking excitement. Charissa Antalan and Kevin Lee welcomed everyone and introduced the charming candidates that took part in the competition. Of course, these were:

1.Gabriella Germino (1st Year-CGD)

2.Kenny Vallo  (1st Year-3D)

3.Raymund Sabado (2nd Year-MMA)

4.Jonah Bonete (1st Year-MMA)

5.Ana Patricia Mendoza (2nd Year-CGD)

6.Axl Singma (2nd Year-CGD)

7.Elaine De Goma (2nd Year-IT)

8.Josephine Catubig (2nd Year-MMA)

9.Benjamin Rubio (2nd Year-IT)

Each contestant was given an opportunity to present themselves to the audience as they walked towards the stage, dressed in the unique creations of Edd Sy and Gener Gozum. And as they did, the photographers seemingly took endless shots to capture the magnanimous moment. After, some of the contestants, as well as a number of CIIT’s talented students, took to the stage to accept several special awards, which include:

1.Ms. Josephine Catubig and Mr. Axl Singma  for Mr. and Ms. Talent

2.Ms. Gabriella Germino and Mr. Axl Singma  for Viewers’ Choice Award

3.Mr. Axl Singma and Ms. Patricia Mendoza for Best in Formal Attire

4.Rex Sueno as CIIT’s Artists of the Month

5.Mendelson Serrano for the Photo Contest

6.Melissa Sotto for the T Shirt Design Contest

CIIT’s very own dance group, Cosmogroove, also went on the stage to perform Niki Minaj’s hit Superbass. Immediately after, the remaining six candidates, prepared to answer the questions given by sponsors Mr. Edd Sy, Mr. Gener Gozum, Prof. Stanley Coloma, Mr. Robert Peter Ancheta, the Head of the Academic Department and Mr. Nerian Guyang, CIIT’s Academics Director.

Wise words were heard from the candidates, who did an excellent job at providing answers to questions relevant in this day and age. Ms. Gabriella Germino commented on the country’s current problem with teachers and the corruption done by the government. Ms. Elaine de Goma took a more faith-based response, proclaiming that with God, “everything is possible.” Mr. Axl Singma, on the other hand, remarked that every time a person fails, one should learn to stand up and fight again, while Mr. Raymund Sabado made a promise that if he ever won, he would help others gain confidence. Finally, Mr. Kenny Vallo said that he wouldn’t change anything expressed satisfaction over his life.

Finally, after the raffle prizes were announced, the moment of truth finally came and the winners were proclaimed. Ms. Josephine Catubig and Mr. Raymund Sabado were the 2nd Runners-Up while Ms. Elaine de Goma and Mr. Axl Singma were first. Lastly, Mr. Kenny Vallo and Ms. Gabriella Germino were announced as Mr. and Ms. CIIT 2011, to everyone’s happiness. Cheers and the perfunctory congratulations were passed all around, not only to the victors, but to those who participated and did a good job. The event was an astounding success, beginning a tradition which will happen every single year.

Once again, we would like to thank all those who supported the events especially to our sponsors: Gener Gozum for the dresses. Mr. Eddy Sy for the gowns, Saku Saku Chicken, Fina Digital, Cheryl Cabanos from Make-up Academy, Bambbi Fuentes Salon and Ms. Lorna Cuizon. We are very much grateful for your support! We would also like to thank Cosmo Groove and Zero Productions for the promotional videos.

The stunning Ms. Nickole Barcelon, Student Council Secretary, struts the runway in a Gener Gozum dress.

Students show up in support of the highly anticipated event.

Student Council rounds up for another group picture after the successful event

Kim Ngo steals a shot with the charming co-host, Ms. Chariss Antalan sporting a cocktail dress designed by Mr. Christian Rodriguez.

Cosmo Journalism’s resident photographer, Mr. Jerivic Antonio, poses with the Student Council moderator, Ms. Rizalyn Aquino.

Ms. Patricia Mendoza and Ms. Jean Estoesta poses in their respective dresses.

Event co-host, Mr. Kevin Lee and Student Council Vice President, Mr. RJ Samson takes their moment under the spotlight.

Ms. Nickole Barcelon completing her make-up from Cheryl Cabanos Make-up Academy and 1st Runner-up, Ms. Elaine de Goma models another Gener Gozum dress.

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