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itprosasia.com: More Job Opportunities for CIIT Students

itprosasia.com, the Philippine’s premier on-line career resource for IT and technology professionals, officially partnered with CIIT in another signing event held last July 12, 2011. The event was held here in CIIT as Mr. Neil Bocacao, Marketing Officer of itprosasia, together with Mr. Niel Dagondon, President of CIIT, signed the deal that allows itprosasia to tap the tech-savvy graduates of the school and provide our graduates with even more job opportunities related to their fields.

CIIT definitely welcomes this partnership this is a testament that we are again gaining recognition in the industry to be a major educational force for Digital Arts and technology. CIIT’s first batch of graduates have mostly landed jobs related to their courses or absorbed by the companies that sponsored them during their on-the-job trainings. Our aim is to continually improve and adapt our curriculum to the real demands of the tech industry. IT education in the Philippines have always been hampered by old school theoretical methodologies that no longer have a place in the current fast-paced world demanded by companies and organizations. We hope that company partners of itprosasia.com will be very much satisfied by our graduates and would continue to look towards our school for highly competent students that would help them grow and satisfy the specialized tech skills they require.

Mr. Neil Bocacao, Marketing Officer of itprosasia.com & Mr. Niel Dagondon, President of CIIT, during the signing event.

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