CIIT’s Interweave Building, a modern and avant-garde campus located in the busy street of Kamuning.

Interweave Building Receives High Commendation from World Architecture Festival 2021

CIIT’s Interweave Building received international recognition after winning citations in the World Architecture Festival 2021. The state-of-the-art campus, which is the brainchild of Buensalido+Architects, won citations as a Highly Commended Completed Buildings in the School Category and the Best Use of Color in the prestigious event this year.

The World Architecture Festival is an annual event dedicated to recognize the excellence of architecture and acknowledge the most innovative projects around the world. In this year’s awarding, Buensalido+Architects submitted their entries including the Interweave Building Project. Architect Jason Buensalido, Chief Design Ambassador of the said Architecture firm said that receiving such citations was surreal. “More than anything, I’m encouraged because the hard work that we’ve been putting in, especially in relation to Philippine architecture, is bearing fruit and gaining the attention of the global stage,” he added.

Before Buensalido+Architects turned the Interweave Building into a modern and avant-garde campus, it was an old and abandoned building along the busy street of Kamuning. Using their expertise in architecture by bringing visions to life, the architecture firm successfully built an infrastructure that undoubtedly reflected the heart of CIIT which is to lead the way to a globally competitive Philippines.

The forward-looking design is inspired by the centuries-old Filipino art of “paghahabi” to epitomize the Filipino culture, a tree symbolizing sustainability, and a microchip representing the school as a technological institution. Architect Jason Buensalido and his team took into consideration the identity, vision, and mission of CIIT Philippines before coming up with the final design. “The first time I saw the old building I was surprised with how old the structure was. At the same time, we were challenged to completely transform the structure and align the architecture of the building with CIIT’s identity as an Arts and Technology school,” he noted.

CIIT’s Interweave Building is located at 94 Kamuning Road, Quezon City. The school offers programs in Multimedia Arts, Computer Science, and Entertainment and Multimedia Computing in College. Meanwhile, the Senior High School offers tracks in Media and Visual Arts, Programming and Animation. For more information about CIIT, visit ciit.edu.ph


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