Innovation and Collaboration Take Center Stage at CIIT’s Tech Week

CIIT’s Tech Week has powerfully demonstrated our commitment to integrating our core values with technological advancements and the growth of our students. Under the banner “Connect. Innovate. Transform.,” this week-long event has not only showcased our students’ talents but also reinforced the significance of teamwork, critical thinking, passion, and integrity in technology.

Embracing Teamwork through Technology

At the kickoff event, students took part in the Tech Development Challenge. Together, they collaborated to create games or applications centered around the theme “Save Yourself Not The World.”

In this challenge, the students’ creativity and skills were on full display. Geoffrey Mendoza and Fiona Brozas emerged as champions, while the first runner-up team comprised Josef Randall Escarcha, Jon Jacob Allauigan, Sophia Mercado. The second runner-up team included Marc Jasper Sabado, Mary Katherine Cabuslay, Kenjiro Yoshiy, and Miguel Angelo Malsi. 

CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Tech students.

CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Tech students.    CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Tech students.

The second day featured two distinct events, starting with the Algorithm Quiz Bee in the morning. During this competition, participants engaged with a series of questions that tested their skills in programming, algorithmic logic, and analytical thinking. 

The winners are as follows: In the 1st place were Maia Raphaelle Jalosjos, Joseph Arsenio Yalung, and Fiona Brozas. The 2nd place team consisted of Sophia Mercado, Jon Jacob Allauigan, Josef Randall Escarcha. Finally, 3rd place was achieved by Marc Jasper Sabado, Mary Katherine Cabuslay, Kenjiro Cornelius Yoshiy, Miguel Angelo Malsi. 

CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Tech students.

CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Tech students.

CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Tech students.

Integrity in Technological Advancements

On the afternoon of the second day, our students enjoyed a series of Tech Talks. The opening segment featured Mr. Rizaldy Rapsing, Tech Program Head, who shared insights from his experience with a focus on “Convergence of Technology and Creativity: Navigating the Future Landscape.” 

Following him, Mr. Melvin Jan A. Guarin, a renowned Microsoft Certified Trainer and IT Senior Trainer Lead at Willis Towers Watson Global Business Services Inc. delivered a talk on “Innovation through Automation & AI: Introducing Microsoft Copilot.” 

CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Tech students.

During the presentation, Mr. Guarin highlighted a significant insight: “Students were greatly influenced by games & AI as it is their present and their not-too-distant future.” Recognizing gaming as a powerful catalyst for societal and technological evolution, he urged attendees to grasp the potential of Microsoft’s Copilot. 

The culmination of the event was the exciting Tech Run! Organized with the CIIT Gaming Community, this event aimed to engage both tech and non-tech students in a series of cooperative challenges. The winners of the Tech Run were Kristan Noel Adrian A. Osorio and Miguel Angelo B. Malsi, who demonstrated exceptional teamwork and skill in overcoming the challenges.

Celebrating Success and Looking Forward

At CIIT, we place a high emphasis on the importance of the tech industry for our students and implement various strategies to achieve this goal.

CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Tech students.

According to Mr. Rizaldy Rapsing, “CIIT demonstrates a strong commitment to preparing its students for the industry by aligning its core values with impactful events and activities during the Tech Programs’ week celebration. The emphasis on critical thinking and innovation is apparent through events such as the Tech Development Challenge, encouraging students to apply creative problem-solving skills and stay abreast of industry trends. The Algorithm Quizbee fosters a culture of continuous learning and knowledge in the field. The Technology Talk sessions, covering topics like the “Convergence of Technology and Creativity” and “Innovation through Automation & AI,” directly expose students to cutting-edge industry concepts and trends, fostering a forward-thinking mindset. 

By organizing the Global Game Jam, CIIT provides students with hands-on experience, encouraging teamwork and collaboration, skills highly valued in the industry. The theme “Connect. Innovate. Transform.” further underscores the institution’s commitment to industry relevance, urging students to embrace a transformative approach. Overall, CIIT employs a multifaceted approach, combining events, talks, and themes to emphasize industry significance and provide students with a comprehensive skill set for success in their future careers.”

As our Tech Week drew to a close, the message is clear: by connecting, innovating, and transforming, students are not only preparing for the future of technology but are also becoming the driving force behind it.

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