Inabel Awards: Weaving the Best Filipino Creatives Together

In both art and technology realms, Filipinos consistently stand out, representing both their prowess and the nation’s pride. On October 21st, the CIIT College of Arts and Technology celebrated this brilliance by launching the inaugural Inabel Awards at The Pergola in Pasay City.

Themed “Weaving Filipino Creatives Together,” it fittingly honored the outstanding talents of top students and acknowledged our collaborative efforts with esteemed organizations.

Among those who attended were GetCre8ive, Flowerstore.ph, Arla Jolla Holdings, Inc./Halcyon Marine, Saga PH, Golden Pencil, Limitless Lab, and Accenture. Further enriching the event were collaborations with Digiteer, Neeuro Pte Ltd, Mugna Passion Project Digital, HPL Game Design Studios, NOAH Business Applications, Anafara and Melham Construction, Mega Cat Studios, and Rethink Safety Inc.

Not to mention the impactful contributions of VXI Global Solutions, Inc., Kooapps, Taktyl Studios Inc., Definite Studios, SGS & Co, Keywords Studios Manila, RedRoot Artists Cooperative, Knowledge Channel, Top Draw Animation, Microsourcing, Summit Media, Vitalstrats Creative Solutions, Co., and Converge ICT Solutions.

Nurturing Filipino Innovation and Brilliance Together

For years, we’ve been revolutionizing Philippine education by offering premier learning experiences alongside innovative programs. Through strategic partnerships with various organizations, we’ve crafted a curriculum that ensures our students move effortlessly from the classroom to their professional endeavors.

At the awards ceremony, we had the honor of acknowledging our industry partners for their unwavering support. Definite Studios (Definite Gaming PTE LTD Philippines Inc.) received three awards, Gawad Inabel for Industry Partner of the Year Award, the Gawad Inabel for Academe-Industry Collaboration Excellence Award, and the Gawad Inabel for Student Internship Program Excellence Award. These awards attest to the company’s dedication to furthering our mission of constantly enhancing and refining academic programs.

Summit Media was presented with the Gawad Inabel for Curriculum Validation Excellence Award. This recognizes their commitment to fostering the future Filipino workforce through active engagement in CIIT’s annual curriculum validation and enhancement activity, led by the CIIT Placement Office and Academics Department.

Taktyl Studios Inc. received the Gawad Inabel for Student Career Preparation Excellence Award, commending its impactful collaboration with CIIT. They played an active role in preparing students with vital industry skills and participated as interviewers for graduating students’ “Job Skills and Career Preparation” requirements.

Furthermore, Top Draw Animation Inc. was honored with the Gawad Inabel for Rookie Industry Partner Award. This distinction appreciates their exceptional partnership and active engagement with CIIT within their first year, seamlessly participating in various campus events and activities.

Intern Awards

Of course, interns who qualified for specific categories were rightfully highlighted. Bianca Isabelle Alexis Nogoy received the Gawad Inabel for Outstanding Intern Award for the Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her significant contributions to her internship company were reflected in her high evaluations and exemplary feedback from her practicum supervisors.

Mark Vince Dela Cruz was honored with the Gawad Inabel for Outstanding Intern Award for the Bachelor of Multimedia Arts. He showcased not only robust foundational technical skills but also epitomized the innovative prowess needed in the industry.

Lastly, the Gawad Inabel for Outstanding Intern Award for Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing with specialization in Game Development was presented to David Emmanuel Ruiz de Luzuriaga. As a CIITzen professional, he stood out as a great example of someone ready for the job and showed global competitiveness.

Students Awards

Awards were also presented to students and student organizations that have demonstrated their remarkable capabilities and consistently gone the extra mile.

Multimedia Arts Awards

Sitio Dilim earned the Gawad Inabel for Final Revision Award for Graphic Design. This distinction applauds their excellence in Graphic Design and their impactful Capstone project that reflects their commitment to positive societal transformation.

Jonalyn Superstar was honored with the Gawad Inabel for Sequence Award for Film. This accolade celebrates her inspiring Capstone project, her ability to produce compelling films and her dedication to enhancing our culture and fostering a brighter future.

Hunos clinched the Gawad Inabel for the Keyframe Award for Animation. This award lauds their noteworthy Capstone project in animation, their talents in crafting significant animations, and their desire to effect positive change.

Student Organizations Awards

Telon received the Outstanding Recognized Student Organization Award. This distinction honors student organizations that excel in fostering student development, leadership, and engagement both on campus and within the wider community.

The Student Activity of the Year Award was presented to Telon for “RE: PLAY.” This salutes organizations that have spearheaded activities that demonstrate unity and make a significant impact on students.

Atelier’s “Project LikhaArt” was recognized with the Outstanding RSO Advocacy Project award. This honor applauds organizations for their impactful advocacy initiatives, whether they operate at a local or national level.

Also, Camille Anne M. Prado was honored as the Outstanding Recognized Student Organization President. This award shines a light on student organization presidents who exemplify leadership and significantly impact both their organization and the broader CIIT community.

Lastly, a shout-out to the Student Council Batch 2022-2023, who were given the Leadership Service Recognition award, for their dedicated efforts that have elevated the prestige of CIIT.

Tech Awards

Paolo Tolentino was distinguished with the Innovation in Algorithm Design Award. This is only reserved for those who make meaningful contributions to algorithm design through novel methods and influential algorithms.

Jommel Molina earned the title of Student Programmer of the Year. This distinction celebrates students displaying unmatched programming skills and potential, whether it be through innovative software development, leading impactful open-source initiatives, or dominating programming contests.

Patrick Pelicano was celebrated as the Most Outstanding CS Student of the Year. This is for his all-around excellence in computer science, encompassing coursework, research, and extracurricular endeavors.

Finally, Geoffrey Mendoza was named the Most Outstanding EMC Student of the Year for his exceptional academic performance, technical skill, and creativity in the EMC field.

Pursuing What We Began

Kudos to all the recipients of the recent Inabel Awards! To every student, your notable achievements are a testament to your dedication and expertise. To our invaluable partners, let’s keep pushing to improve the quality of education in the Philippines across all disciplines, from science to the arts. Together, we can inspire CIIT students to scale greater summits and create positive changes in our society.

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