Game On: The Best Moments from the CIIT Esports Summit 2024

Who says gaming and learning don’t go hand in hand? At CIIT College of Arts and Technology, we ensure that we’re not just having fun, but also gaining valuable knowledge and skills!

Our dedication to enjoyable learning was proven during the recently concluded CIIT Esports Summit (CES) 2024, held from April 11-13 at the Interweave Building. Hosted by our recognized student organization, the CIIT Gaming Community (CGC), CES brought together gaming enthusiasts, tech wizards, and imaginative CIITzens under the theme “Vengeance” for three bustling days of excitement and innovation.

A Fusion of Gaming and Learning

CGC collaborated closely with the Academics Department, Student Council, and other student organizations to guarantee the event’s success. This involved organizing pre- and main-event qualifiers culminating in exciting final games featuring popular titles like Tekken, Valorant, and League of Legends.

But that’s not all! Our attendees also dove into sessions exploring the esports and gaming industry. On day 1, the summit kicked off with opening remarks by our Program Head for Technology, Mr. Rizaldy Rapsing. This was followed by an engaging discussion on “Leveling Up: Exploring the Future of Gaming” led by Mr. Ico “Iconiq” Natividad, and “Game Development Unwrapped: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Your First Game” presented by Mr. Jo-Lorenz N. Obinguar. 

Not only did the students gain valuable insights into the booming industry of esports and gaming in the Philippines, but they also got an exclusive glimpse into the basics of game development geared toward boosting CIIT’s technology programs. 

Mr. Francis Ian Quesada, College Dean, was also present to formally open the tournament games with Tekken. 

Day 2 brimmed with another round of exhilarating activities to keep attendees entertained. Firstly, we had the “Artist Alley,” showcasing merchant booths offering a variety of handmade crafts and illustrations by Safezone, Pixel Hive, CIITzen artists, and our special alumni artist guest, Aeonix. Later, the Valorant Finals: Game 1 treated us to intense gaming action!

On the final day, anticipation peaked as all gamers competed for the title during the League of Legends Finals. CES ended with a memorable closing ceremony led by Mr. Adrielle Casem.

A Shoutout to Our Amazing Industry Partners

Pulling off an epic CES wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of our rockstar industry partners who served as sponsors and resource speakers. A massive shoutout also goes to our long-time and trusted industry partners – Keywords Studios Manila, Vitalstrats Creative Solutions, HPL Game Design, AcadArena, UniPin, and Mountain Dew for backing us up and making it all happen!

At CIIT College of Arts and Technology, we’re all about creating a vibrant community where you can explore your passions and sharpen your skills—all while having an absolute blast. Through events like CES, we aim to provide a platform for our students to come together, learn more about technology, and make connections with like-minded individuals. 

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