From Concept to Creation: CIIT SHS Students Shine at Reideation 4

Re-ideation, which means “rethinking and bringing new concepts to life,” is one of the much awaited events in Senior High School. This series began in 2021, initially as a fully virtual event, showcasing our adaptability during challenging times. Now in its fourth edition, Reideation 4 marks the second in-person graduation exhibit of the G12 Senior High Class of 2024.

At CIIT College of Arts and Technology, we foster a community where our students consistently motivate each other to work hard, be creative, and transform these efforts into accomplishments. 

Celebrating Creativity, Passion, and Hard Work

This year’s theme focused on demonstrating what creativity, passion, and hard work can achieve in the real world. Elaborating on the value of human connection that was missed during the virtual activities, this event included booths and display areas.

On the first day, parents and prospective students joined us for the exhibit’s opening and the school’s Open House. This allowed us to highlight what we can offer to help future CIITzens achieve their goals and provide a glimpse of what they can expect as members of our growing institution. 

Certainly, the essence of Re-ideation is to bring out our students’ dedication, teamwork, and creativity. To achieve this, they were grouped according to their respective tracks. The Animation track created their studios, the MVA (Multimedia Arts) track set up publishing and creative studios, and the Programming track established IT companies and studios. 

While these were mainly conceptual projects, the booths and products they presented were real. The groups aimed to sell their creations and earn recognition for their hard work. The closing ceremonies celebrated the students’ achievements with awards for Event Poster Design, Best Booth, People’s Choice, and Highest Sales. 

Everyone at the event truly enjoyed participating in the competitions, and open house attendees learned more about our programs and values. Overall, our message was clear: nothing surpasses the importance of hard work and passion!

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