Free Workshops

Free Workshops for 3D & Photoshop


CIIT is once again kicking-off the back-to-school season with our Free Digital Arts Workshops! As part of our yearly tradition, we are inviting everyone to take this opportunity to learn Photoshop or 3D Animation…completely for free!

The Free Workshops is one way for CIIT to showcase the real-world application of computers and technology, to show how artists, animators, photographers, production crew and game developers are using these programs to pursue exciting careers that not only lets them enjoy what they love to do but also earn from these.

The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Workshop gives participants a hands-on experience to the technical aspect and artistic perspective of image manipulation. This topic covers some aspects of basic tools in Photoshop that serves as the foundation for more advanced users. Participants will eventually get to see how simple and efficient the software is when it comes to editing and manipulating images that transforms plain old boring photographs to stunning masterpieces that could grace the covers of maagazine.

The 3D Animation (Autodesk 2011) Workshop will immerse you into the basic skill of modelling in 3D. Participants will be exposed to seeing and creating items in 3D perspective and make use of their individual creativity to mix different shapes in order to form basic real world structures such as tables or chairs and eventually move on to more organic forms like the human figure. This aims to show participants on how their favorite characters from Shrek to Transformers’ Bumblebee are created by artists and professionals alike.

Below are the schedules and you may sign up by completely filling-in the registration form. You will receive an e-mail notification. Kindly keep the Booking ID found in your reservation slip.

June 3 – Adobe Photoshop – 10:30-12:00
June 3 – Adobe Photoshop – 1:30-3:00pm
June 4 – 3D Animation – 10:30-12:00
June 4 – 3D Animation – 1:30-3:00pm

If you wish to come with friends, you may also enter their contact information. The slots are limited so reserve yours immediately. We hope to see you here at CIIT!

Workshop attendees will only need to bring the Booking ID found in your email reservation slip. All computers and softwares will be provided by CIIT. Should you wish to bring your own laptop, you may do so but please make sure the software to be used is properly installed and with the correct version.

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