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A Weekend with One of the Great Filipino Animator

Last March 16, 2013, a handful of students from CIIT experienced the grand privilege of sitting down with one of the great masters of contemporary animation. For a couple of hours, Filipino artist and acclaimed animator Victor Balanon, shared his deep thoughts, his wonderful experiences and his unique insights on the world of animation, on its history, and on the current trends happening in this exciting and breath-taking field.

Victor Balanon, of course, has received much prestige due to his works and the various contributions he has made in animation. Influenced by the likes of Orgesticulanismus, Phosphene and Mobius Eness, he garnered acclaim for his ten-year stint at TOEI Animation Philippines, where he worked on several animated cult favorites, like Dragonball Z and Slam Dunk. He eventually relinquished his position in that institution after realizing that he has reached his full potential. He is currently hard at work on creating magnificent artworks based on his personal life and experiences.

The short talk with the Traditional Animation class of CIIT proved to be a veritable and unique experience for the students. Not only did he spoke about the technical and real-world challenges that one will inevitably come to contact with in 2D animation, he also attempted to equip the students with the appropriate attitudes and required mind-sets needed to overcome and succeed in this very competitive enterprise. He also spoke openly about the problems and concerns plaguing that particular industry in the country and summoned a call for works that not only satisfy the needs of the client, but for works that surpassed expectation and exude artistry and mastery of the craft.  He implored the students to look beyond the thrall of money and to actually produce works that one will be proud of Finally, he challenged the students to bring another “Golden Age” in the Philippines and to use their own experiences and utilize their personal philosophies in creating autobiographical works that will surely convey brilliance, beauty and emotion to viewers and audiences.

Those short hours spent with the great Victor Balanon will certainly be cherished by the students of CIIT. We earnestly hope that the students of CIIT take his words to heart and bring another golden age to a country that truly deserves the honor and the commendation.   We are grateful for Mr. Balanon and trust that his words will definitely not go to waste.

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