Explosion of Colors from Oliver Santiago’s “Drip”

Being inspired in pop art and the works of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, Oliver recently has done “Drip”, his personal project that he’s been working these past few months. The burst of vivid color are very eye-catching as it really harmonizes with the organic shapes and pop art patterns he used. He came up with this collection because he felt that he was very idle and laid-back especially when doing schoolwork. So he decided to make this project for him to relieve his stress from his academics and to satisfy his creative mind as well.

“The process of making this project is kind of complex as I used mixed techniques on them,” he said. Some parts of his artworks there were initially hand-drawn while others were done by using some stock photos online that were transformed into vector images. “It took me about a month or two to finish this project. The process is really gradual because I was very busy with school and freelance projects that I needed to finish. Kaya imbes na matapos agad, laging WIP yung mga ginagawa ko,” he explained.

His project has the elements of abstract art evident in several geometric and linear forms in the collection that give you an impression of having that energetic vibe, creating optical illusions with their striking colors. Out of his empty world of fruitlessness in the previous months came his psychedelic imagination that resulted into his collection that’s soaked in explosive colors. Therefore, if schoolwork is becoming a headache for you, why not pour your stress out by drawing and making your own project too? Indeed, every cloud has a silver lining if you dare to look past it.

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