EduTech Asia 2018

CIIT Joins EduTECH Asia 2018 in Singapore

Each new school year, CIIT College of Arts and Technology thrives to provide a learning environment that is up-to-par with the emerging landscape. It is the school’s primary goal to provide a top-level educational experience to all our students. And so, last October 3 to 5, three representatives from CIIT, founder Niel Dagondon, HR Director, Nicole Dagondon and SHS Principal, Hazel Angeles flew all the way to Singapore to attend the EduTECH Asia 2018 at the Suntec Convention Center.

EduTECH Asia is a gathering of the entire education sector in South East Asia. Over the years, this convention has become an avenue to inspire, learn new knowledge and skills, exchange ideas and meet new people in the industry of education. In the past, CIIT consistently participated in the locally organized convention of EduTECH in the country, known as EduTECH Philippines. Since CIIT envisions to become a premier Arts and Technology school in the country, the members of the Board and SHS Principal joined the bigger education convention held in Singapore.

On top of the opportunity to acquire new ideas and learn from other schools around South East Asia, Mr. Dagondon and Dr. Angeles also had the privilege to be part of the pool of speakers on the said event. Mr. Dagondon was chosen to be one of the plenary speakers, presenting the topic “From real-time application tracking to automated rankings: Creating an advanced student admission system”. It has become an avenue to share the school’s advanced admission system through a sophisticated database tracking management that has been immensely useful
in the enrollment system of CIIT throughout the years. In addition to this presentation, he also facilitated the panel discussion about “Parent-Teacher Communication – Tech strategies for success”. Dr. Angeles, on the other hand, became part of the TeachTech Talk, a 15-minute forum where she provided a number of principles in “Managing 21st-century technology classroom with care”.

This participation of CIIT College of Arts and Technology in EduTECH Asia 2018 has become a pathway for new collaborations and acquisition of new ideas that the school may adapt to become an even better institution in the future.

Photo Credits: https://www.facebook.com/edutechasia.expo/

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