Edusuite Reached its Target Angel Investment in Six Months Time

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Edusuite, a school management system co-founded by CIIT’s Chairman of the Board, Niel Dagondon, reached its target angel investment of 12 million in six months time. This milestone brought the company to its valuation of 65 million. For almost two years now, CIIT College of Arts and Technology uses Edusuite software to manage the school’s systems and processes. Since 2017, the AI-driven software has become an integral part of the school’s processes from enrollment, enlistment and information management. “Because of Edusuite, CIIT experienced a 24% increase on the avg.fees paid by each student as they were able to enroll in more subjects due to fewer schedule conflicts and more accurate prediction of the subjects we opened.” Mr. Sherwin O, CIIT President quoted.

Edusuite software team and investors

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Besides CIIT, the software is also used by the Ateneo High School and five other client schools of the company since its commercial launch last year. Edusuite is looking forward to partnering with more schools in the next few years to help them modernized school systems and processes through the aid of this angel investment fund.

This startup company started with the financial support of Department of Science and Technology. Since launching its fundraising campaign six months ago, Edusuite already received support from established angel investors such as Manila Angel Investors Network (MAIN), Batangas Eastern Colleges (BES) and Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences.

For more information about Edusuite software, visit or contact 02 693 5969.

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