EDUCO Philippines Essay Writing Contest Winners

Back to Back Recognition for CIIT-SHS Students in EDUCO Philippines

The CIIT Senior High School bid goodbye to the past year with a smile as two of their students rose to the top after their talents and skills were recognized by Educo Philippines. Grade 11 student, Leanne Pangilinan, and Grade 12 Arts and Design student, Jodie Dantes were recognized in the recently held National Children’s Month Graphic Design and Essay Writing contests of the said organization.

EDUCO Philippines is a non-government organization working globally on the rights of the children to equality and quality education. This development NGO has operations in Spain, Africa, America, and Asia, and has been advocating for children for more than 25 years now. In celebration of the National Children’s Month last September, EDUCO organized the Graphic Design and Essay contest to serve as a platform to showcase the creative and literary ability of the children today.

Despite the fierce competition of artworks submitted by students from different parts of the country, Jodie Dantes’s entry was among the six consolation winners of the Graphic Design Contest. Her artwork followed the theme, What I think the Future Looks Like, and what I think it should be, “The artwork is about how I see the future if we continue to dismiss our nationality. To have such an identity among the rest of the nation, because of rapid modernization, we tend to forget our very own culture, especially that we are easily influenced by other things. With Jose Rizal, our national hero and the symbol of heroism, being the vibrant subject matter of the rest, means that our pride should always stay within us despite the changes”, says Jodie.

Despite missing the top award, Leanne Pangilinan’s essay still captured the heart of EDUCO Philippines on her take on the existing culture of dismissiveness in the present society. Her essay rallies along EDUCO’s theme, “This is what I fear the future looks like and what I think it should be” which aims to raise awareness on the present issues affecting Filipino Children. According to Leanne, she chose to discuss the culture of dismissiveness to show society’s negative response to what they consider as trivial issues and complaints of other people. “I think, the culture of dismissiveness is evident for we let these [trivial] problems [of others] persist without even acknowledging and accepting that such petty issues are still a part of life. Rather, we should strive to actually seek solutions for the good of future generations.” Leanne noted. With this masterpiece, Leanne received an Honorable Mention recognition from the organization.

EDUCO Philippines Essay Writing Contest Honorable Mention
Photo credit: www.facebook.com/educoph

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