DOST Representatives Evaluate Edusuite Implementation at CIIT

One of the reasons why CIIT College of Arts and Technology maintains its reputation as a tech school grounded in innovation is our commitment to providing exceptional programs for tech enthusiasts. We equip our students with the materials and resources to elevate their learning journey, guiding them from aspiring beginners to seasoned professionals. 

A prime example of our investment in advanced technology is Edusuite—a school management system designed to facilitate a seamless transition to face-to-face classes, harnessing the power of educational technology long before the pandemic hit.

What is Edusuite?

Edusuite was co-founded by Sir Neil Dagondon, a Department of Science and Technology (DOST) scholar and the founder of CIIT. Supported by DOST, this project exemplifies the partnership and shared commitment between CIIT and DOST in fostering technological innovation in education. 

Another key advantage of adopting Edusuite is its foundation in smart algorithms and AI. This technology significantly reduces the time required for planning, coordination, and execution while minimizing the risk of human error. Ultimately, Edusuite aims to provide schools with a well-designed system at a reasonable cost. 

Recently, DOST representatives visited CIIT to evaluate its automated systems and inquire about the progress of Edusuite, which was funded by DOST PCIEERD in 2019 when it was still starting.

The visiting team included Engr. Romelen T. Tresvalles, Regional Director; Ms. Blaise D. Mansueto, Science Research Specialist II of PAMAMAZON CASTO (Pasay-Manila-Makati-QC Clustered Area Science and Technology Office); Mr. Deuvyn C. Bautista, Science Research Specialist II of PAMAMAZON CASTO; Mr. Arjay C. Rasco, Science Research Specialist II of the Information Technology and Knowledge Management Unit (ITKMU); Engr. Karen M. Melad, Science Research Specialist I of PAMAMAZON CASTO; and Engr. Jake C. Emberso, Project Technical Assistant II of PAMAMAZON CASTO.

CIIT’s commitment to technological advancement

At the foundation of our core values lie critical thinking and innovation. Through Edusuite, we get to use data, reasoning, and creativity as tools to understand our targets and achieve our objectives. 

This approach also encompasses our continuous endeavors to enhance systems, optimize procedures, and develop new techniques. As a result, it improves operational effectiveness, enabling CIIT to maintain its school fees and guarantee accessible education for potential CIIT students, all the while upgrading our student body’s facilities and technology resources.

Innovating Education

As an arts and technology school, our commitment lies in delivering consistent excellence in the services and programs we offer our students. To further this mission, we are actively pursuing funding from DOST to bolster our technopreneurship initiatives. This strategic move reinforces our position as a leader in integrating technology into education and ensures that we continue to provide our students with innovative opportunities to thrive in the modern world.

The construction of the Glitch Tower stands as a symbol of our unwavering commitment to innovation. We view glitches not as hindrances but as opportunities for problem-solving and transformative thinking, thus the Glitch Tower embodies CIIT’s commitment to innovation.

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