CIITzens Bring Halloween Costumes to Life at Dalikmata Cosplay Event

Halloween only happens once a year—and at CIIT, we seize this opportunity to unleash our artistic flair to the fullest with imaginative costumes! Emphasizing our commitment to creativity, we hosted a spook-tacular cosplay event named “Dalikmata” last November 4. This year, we brought to life the enchanting world of Philippine Mythology, reimagined in a modern urban setting, right within our premises. 

Dalikmata is a collaborative effort from various CIIT organizations, including the CIIT Gaming Community, CosCade, and the CIIT Student Council. Through elaborate planning and coordination, CIITzens were able to partake in a runway competition where they could let their imaginations run wild!

CIIT’s Runway Highlights

To create the perfect Halloween atmosphere, we gave our venue a darker and more magical feel, complete with judges dressed in theme! At the forefront of the panel was Mr. Louper Vacnot, the Specialist Manager, who wore his amazing Iron Man garb. Accompanying him was the renowned cosplayer Shrub Yagi as a guest judge. Of course, our school president, Mr. Sherwin O, also made an appearance in his signature Batman costume.

The highly anticipated competition started with Shaneil Manzano showcasing a striking Zagreus cosplay. Following him, Bench Bustos captured attention as Basilio, one of “The Kambal” from the Netflix show “Trese.”

Alyanna Morillo then took the stage, presenting a unique “Sirenasira,” a siren whose life has been affected by the ocean’s pollution. The mood lightened with Anton Balatibat and Ellie Sanchez, who recreated a popular TikTok meme, the Smurf Cat.

The audience laughed even harder as Robina Rebugio portrayed a “Tikbalang” dressed as a bride, a nod to the local belief that a sunshower signifies its wedding. Elyshia Tan and Kathleen Lagman then captivated everyone with a gripping portrayal of a vampire claiming her victims. Finally, Reese Medestomas concluded the show with his rendition of the legendary “White Lady” in search of her missing child.

Announcement of Winners

Since every student put their all into making their costumes, it was hard for the judges to pick the winner. As the panel deliberated, Tune, the school’s official music organization, entertained the audience with a couple of rock-pop songs.

Also, several employees got the chance to show off their amazing cosplay to the audience! Jeff Matro from the Branding and Communications Department embodied a member of the legendary band Kiss. From the Admissions Department, Karlo Pedro channeled Patrick Bateman from “American Psycho” and Ruji Baliza transformed into Slender Man. Meanwhile, Justine Burgos, from the Specialist Team, showed up as local goddess, Sipnget.

By the end of the competition, Reese Medestomas, the White Lady looking for her child, took third place; Robina Rebugio, the Tikbalang bride, came in second; and Alyanna Morillo, the Sirenasira, was named champion.

This event served as a platform for CIITzens to display their exceptional skills in costume design, and they exceeded all expectations! Given CIIT’s comprehensive and engaging art programs, the students’ performances were a testament to the institution’s significant role in the arts industry.

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