coffee art of students

Coffee Art by CIIT Student

It’s true that you can experience coffee beyond its taste.

Victorinox and ROX, brands recognized with providing high-end quality outdoor recreational equipments, collaborated with our local artists to showcase paintings, sculptures and other art forms using coffee as the main ingredient. The event aimed to inspire other artists and the art enthusiasts that there’s more taste in Coffee than simply drinking it in a cup.

Indeed they were right, as the event of the “Coffee Art” was attended by different people. Prominent guests included the Ambassador of Switzerland, media people and some politicians. Other attendees included people from different Art colleges and institutions, business people, enthusiasts and of course, our students.

CIIT student, Ms. Jenifer Romulo, was one of the featured artists who exhibited her own version of the coffee artworks. During the event, we had the opportunity to interview her over a cup of coffee.

Where do you get your inspiration?
My childhood life is one of my inspirations. Since I was a kid I loved and enjoyed painting and doodling. I usually paint when I have problems or in difficult moments. I also draw or paint anything that represents of my innocence on different things; whether personal or professional. However my family will always be my prime inspiration. In general, my paintings and drawings had always represented my whole life experience. It doesn’t matter what was the cause but how it helped me to be a better person.

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you do your painting/drawing?
Normally, I just paint whatever I feel or see. It’s basically spontaneous. When I’m inspired; I put my heart into it. And basically, there’s meaning beyond the painting or drawing itself.

Among all the mediums that you’ve been using, which medium do you prefer most?
I prefer Oil pastel. It’s the quality that makes it great in painting and drawing. It is very absorbent; I can simply play with the colors, create my own mixtures. Sometimes, I experiment the colors based on my moods, inspirations and the type of subject to be painted.

What were your perceptions before and after attending classes in CIIT?
Initially, I thought that CIIT is another one of those traditional schools that would give traditional training and another reason was it was quite accessible to my place. But when I met the people in CIIT and was given full explanation; more of a scenario of what these courses could do to my future career and how it makes someone feel its worth. I immediately knew that it was the right school for me. That somehow the school cares about its students. As I went on my trainings, I learned a lot, I met dedicated professors, facilities were conducive and even having good friends like Ms. Cecille Gonzales who was very good in advising on course path. In CIIT, I could say that I saw a lot of improvements on my skills, the way I think. My personality as an artist was further enhanced. My adaptation to traditional and digital works is now keener.

Among all the courses you’ve studied, which was your favourite?
The applications on Illustrator and InDesign were my favorites. However, other applications were great as well but probably haven’t had the chance to use in my artworks.

Do you plan to use it for work or personal?
At the moment, I’m using it personally since I’m living the childhood dream. It fulfills my goal to be an artist. As for business, probably when I’m fully satisfied with my skills, I might venture to a business.

Any advice for those who aspire to be an artist someday?
Stay focus and do things with dedication. If you feel that your heart is in the ART then you have to work hard for it. It will never be easy but the passion you have will guide you to achieve your goals as an artist.

Of all the works that you’ve made which is your favourite?
Well, I don’t have a title for it but I’ll describe it for you. I think its much better if you’ll just check it in my Facebook account (laughs) I have an album for it. In this exhibit, my favorite is my first coffee art. A man holding a cup of coffee while sitting and a nude girl also sitting while having a cup of coffee. At first I didn’t want to join the exhibit but when I tried it, it was fun and very relaxing.

What can you advice for the aspiring young artist with today’s technology?
Behind the traditional is Digital. Most of the artist that I know just want to stick with traditional art instead of experimenting in Digital. But for me, engaging in the digital art is very helpful and it will surely enhance your knowledge, change your approach in color, same with your attitude in arts and design. Being an artist, I don’t set aside the formal training. Being an artist is by heart – don’t hesitate. Everything is okay in art. There is no wrong because we have our own opinion and perspective towards what we call art. As long as it matters to you its okay.

RSVP Invitation to the event for CIIT.

Our very own Ms. Jenifer Romulo standing proud beside her artworks during the exhibit.

Other fellow artists that showcased their works.

Some of the the CIIT students who attended the event.

Victorinox logo made from coffee beans.

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