Anime Convention 2011: Kathleen and Tracy Gibson Wins

Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology again takes immense pride in the brilliance and talent of their young students as in the recently conducted Best of Anime Convention, held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City last September 17 and 18, sisters Katherine and Tracy Gibson crushed their competition and took the honors in three categories of the exciting art contest eagerly anticipated by the convention’s numerous patrons. Katherine, the oldest of the two, took 1st place in the Quick Draw competition, 2nd in the Video and Music Competition, and finally, first in character design, while Tracy placed 2nd in the Quick Draw and 3rd in the Video and Music category,beating out quite a number of contenders who belonged to the various IT universities and colleges found in Metro Manila.

Their road to victory, of course, is another astonishing tale worth recounting over and over again. Nervous and fearful of the competition, Katherine had no plans to join the competition, until her dear sister, Tracy, coerced and signed her up for it. They are siblings who have no need for fame or prizes. They simply loved drawing and joined contests fuelled by their irrepressible love and passion for their art. What’s even more surprising is that, unlike the many others who joined the contest, they taught themselves the fine intricacies of their practice. It was not only until recently, under the tutelage Stanley Coloma, that they had had a formal training on their craft. Furthermore, both are first year students at the Cosmopoint Institute of Technology completing their degrees in Computer Graphics Design.

Tracy is also the winner of the PH antasya Art Contest annually held by CIIT in the hopes of seeking deserving high school graduates to provide for them an educational option at the school during these tough times. She is a full scholar in CIIT. Kathleen, on the other hand, transferred from the University of Makati, and transferred to Cosmopoint upon hearing about her sister’s plans to pursue an education in the competitive establishment.

Kathleen and Tracy are, certainly, but a taste of what the students of CIIT are capable of. Despite heavy competition, despite CIIT’s early career, one can be sure that the institution will continue to hone the skills of the best, brightest ICT experts, not only in the fields of the digital industry and commerce, but in the arts as well.

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