CIIT Unveils Top Capstone Projects During Sinagtala: Talas ng Sining with Hinabi

CIIT College of Arts and Technology’s multimedia program equips students with the technical skills they need to design, animate, and produce. But we don’t stop there. We nurture their creative spirit and empower them to become creators who make a difference and push the boundaries. 

This vision was featured during the recently concluded Art Week, an event orchestrated alongside CIIT’s art faculty. In the finale of “Sinagtala: Talas ng Sining with Hinabi,” we showcased the most outstanding capstone projects from the first term AY 2023-24. The goal was not merely to set a benchmark for other students but also to motivate them to rise to the challenge. We want them to create projects that go beyond academic requirements, focusing on purpose and positive impact.

Event Highlights

Ms. Erica Ngui, one of our distinguished Arts Instructors, led the event and presented the top capstone projects to attendees. She emphasized that all aspects of the students’ education, from their first year to their final year, are geared towards preparing them for their capstone projects.

The top capstone projects from the first term display a wide range of themes and media. 

Lisa Austria’s multimedia exhibit “Anong Oras Ka Uuwi?” explored the intricacies of Metro Manila’s Transport Circle and provides an in-depth look at the everyday commute.

Alvin Balingit and Jasper Estabillolda’s “Tahimik Ya Ing Bengi” presented a 2D short animated story aimed at raising social awareness about male rape culture.

Meanwhile, Clister Santos tackled same-sex parenthood in the Philippines through the 3D animated fiction story “Ili-ili.”

The “Storehouse Food Rescue Initiative” by Tenshi Hayasaki, Samuel Oliveros, Leila Quindo, and David Wong launched a branding campaign to promote the food rescue ministry of the citiochurch storehouse. 

“Isipnayan,” a collaborative effort by Joshua Aci, Klarize Bangit, Eline Gonzaga, and Ayessa Ylagan, introduced a tactile math learning kit designed for visually impaired elementary students.

Eunice Actillero, Ricky Cabansag, Henderson Francisco, Nathaniel Dizon, and Louie Teodosio told a compelling story about the adaptability of deaf Filipinos facing work discrimination in a short live-action fiction, “Waveform.”

“Super Techie Senior” by Lance Mendoza, Noel Robo, Marah Tagulam, and Sophia Quintos was an advocacy campaign that focused on enhancing Facebook security and privacy literacy among senior citizens in Barangay Kamuning, Quezon City.

Ivan Año, Sylvia Feliciano, Micah Gubatina, and Sophia Sumera highlighted the challenges faced by aging rice farmers in the Philippines in their 2D animated story “Ang Tanim ay Di Biro.” 

“Overseas,” created by Neil De Vera, Ilyana Jacinto, Aleira Panganiban, and Roi Gomez, shed light on the struggles of Filipino animators in the workplace through a short 2D animated story.

Sophia Aragon, Angelo Galvez, Miguel Icaao, and Kaizer Peñacoosa developed “Pili at Pino,” an interactive tactile card game aimed at developing financial literacy among children. 

Lastly, “Babae Ako” by Jan Caraos, Jeane Lopez, and Trol Ramoso was a multimedia exhibit that portrayed various women’s issues regarding safety and security in different workplaces.

Our students’ capstones are a powerful testament to their continuous growth. From their first year, these fearless CIITzens pour their hearts into projects that aim to make a positive impact. 

Witnessing this dedication firsthand, we deeply understand the transformative power of recognition. These projects require months to complete and cannot be accomplished overnight. That’s why we take the time to celebrate their progress at every step! 

Whether you’re passionate about design, animation, or digital media, CIIT is here to guide you every step of the way. Don’t just dream about making an impact with your art—make it a reality. Apply now and start your journey with us!


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