video making 2nd runner-up

CIIT Students: Runner-up in ADB Contest

Student group Zero Degree won Runner-up in the recently concluded video making contest held by the prestigious Asian Development Bank (ADB) which closed its acceptance of entries last Jan 31, 2011. As part of its advocacy to promote water conservation, especially in its member countries, including the Philippines, ADB held this video making contest to encourage young students and independent film makers to create short 1-5 minute films that tackle the importance of water conservation in the development and sustainability of humanity.

Zero Degree’s three minute entry entitled “The Last Drop” gives a personal and intimate perspective to what a serious predicament running out of water can be. The film focuses on a beggar who runs out of drinking water and finds himself almost helpless and desperate as he searches for water at a nearby rock that still has leftover water dripping slowly. As the water seems to eventually a run out, the few drops suddenly turn into a gush of water as the ending reveals a humorous note that it was all simply a film set and that it was not real. It serves as a warning and a message to encourage the conservation and proper use of water as it could eventually be our last drop.
Zero Degree is composed of xxxxxx, Multimedia Arts majors in CIIT.

Director: Vanz Kristian Lavado
Asst. Director: Francis Arandez
Camera men: Dennis Angelo Canizo & Jerivic Antonio
Story: Alexander Jerome Tantoco
Crew: Jerick Roncal, Mhike Balutan
Script Writer: Aprille Jane Delminguez
Propsman: Raymund Sabado
Cast: Ammon Schroth Guanzon

Congratulations! We look forward to next year’s entry!

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