CIIT Sportsfest 2017

Let the Games Begin!

CIIT College of Arts and Technology recently held our Sportsfest 2017 last October and what a festival it was. Everyone, from the teachers, the non-teaching staff, to the students, was involved in the festivities. The events were badminton, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, Tug of War, Chess, Jenga, and Kadang kadang.

Sportsfest Teams

Here’s a peek at our amazing athletes during the Team Yell competition:

Red Wolves with Ms. Gilly

Blue Lions with Sir Jarek

Orange Racoons with Ms. Pinky

Yellow Stags with Ms. Jen

Purple Hounds with Ms. Melai

Green Stallions with Sir Junnel

Pink Stallions with Ms. Tina

Black Panthers (School Staff)


The Winners

This year’s overall champions were the Purple Hounds. The Hounds were the champions in our Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Double Badminton, Men’s Tug of War, Men’s Chess, Best House Yell, and Best Escort Competitions.

To see more takes from our Sportsfest 2017, visit our Facebook page. To learn more about the CIIT life, check out this page.

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