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CIIT Signs Partnership with IBM Philippines

Another milestone happened last October 19, 2011, as the Cosmopoint Institute of Technology has just signed a contract with IBM Philippines, opening up new programs and opportunities for students and staff members alike. One of these exciting new programs that will be part of this new union is a set of free trainings that will orient and update the institution’s employees on the latest technological advancements available today, creating a new venue for both discussion and information dissemination. Moreover, the collaboration will also provide CIIT’s students with a very exciting opportunity to enter the premises of

IBM Philippines as part of their OJT, allowing them to gain first-hand knowledge and insight to what professionals do, helping them forge their path in the IT industry. Currently, these privileges have already commenced implementation and all the students from the four course programs will have the privilege to experience these new benefits which will prove to be substantial in their continuing education and their future careers.

Since its establishment in 1937, IBM Philippines has grown to be one of the leading information technology partners in the country, providing quality products and first-class services to the top companies and organizations in the nation. Their dedication and commitment to innovation has constantly pushed boundaries, causing vast improvements to the country’s technology-based education.

“We partner with universities who produce graduates,” says Ms. Iris Hesper Tan Chiu, manager of IBM Academic Initiative and Developer Relations, as she sat down to discuss with Mr. Elson Neil Dagondon, CEO and President of CIIT, after the contract signing. According to her, the partnership and privileges offered are their own contributions to the community, which would eventually assist the country in becoming a leading contender in the highly-competitive and evolving world of Information Technology.

Iris Hesper Tan Chiu, Manager of IBM Academic Initiative and Developer Relations, sits down  with Mr. Elson Neil Dagondon, CEO and President of CIIT.

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