CIIT SHS Halloween 2019

CIIT SHS Halloween: Awakening of the Teenage Soul

The CIIT Senior High School went the extra mile in this year’s Halloween festivities by organizing an actual teenage and costume party in one, which they dubbed as “VALVERI”. Just before hitting the long weekend in the 1st week of November, the CIITeens spent a night of fun and socialization with party snacks, games, and of course, music by their favorite bands.

CIIT SHS Halloween Cosplayers
Photo by CIIT SHS Media Club

Valveri had been a night to revisit movies that they all fell in love with during their childhood. The word itself is a shuffled term of Revival which literally means bringing back or as for the CIITeens, “rebirth, renaissance or awakening”. Inspired by this theme, the students flaunted their versions of past movie personalities by showing up at the venue wearing their most creative and innovative costumes.

CIIT SHS Halloween Winner
Photo by CIIT SHS Media Club

Among the crowd were disguises of Edward Scissorhands, Sailormoon, Wonder Woman and other characters from their well-loved anime, cartoons, and novels. The character that totally stood out of the crowd was Sylvia Feliciano’s version of the female Jollibee. Her witty and amusing costume won her the Cosplayer of the Night award.

CIIT SHS Halloween Costume Party
Photo by CIIT SHS Media Club

Another pair who teamed up for the cosplaying competition, dressed as Captain America and Peggy. The pair also won the Couple Cosplayers Award. Of course, our faculty members also brought their A-game by strutting out as Dora the Explorer, Tinkerbell, Elsa of Frozen, Cruella of 101 Dalmatians, and more!

CIIT SHS Halloween Theme Party Faculty Members
The faculty members of CIIT Senior High School. Photo by CIIT SHS Media Club

It was, undeniably, an eventful night as two of the most favored contemporary bands joined the party and serenaded the crowd with their musical hits, Mntklya and Bita and the Botflies.

Mntklya kicked off the soulful night by singing their own rendition of the well-loved OPM songs today and of course, their very own debut song “Buhos”. The party atmosphere intensified all the more the moment Bita and the Botflies stepped on stage and brought their groovy and unique music with the likes of “Sisikat ka Iha” and “Tagu-taguan”. Both the students and faculty members had a fun and festive night, thanks to these bands that brought life to the CIITeens’ Halloween Party.

CIIT SHS Halloween Highlights
Photo by CIIT SHS Media Club

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