Graduating Students of CIIT SHS 2nd Commencement Exercise

Over 130 students graduated from CIIT-SHS on its 2nd Commencement Exercise

More than 130 students graduated from CIIT-SHS 2nd Commencement Exercise last June 5, 2019. Excited parents, family members and friends gathered together at Crossroads 77 in Quezon City to finally witness these young artists and innovators march and receive their hard-earned diplomas after two years in Senior High School. The momentous occasion was celebrated with the theme “Unity in Diversity, Quality Education for All”.

This ceremony marks the second commencement exercise of CIIT Senior High School since it was inaugurated last 2017. From having fewer than 100 graduates last year, the number increased two-fold with the growth in the number of students in each track offered by CIIT-SHS. With this expansion, a grander and bigger graduation celebration was experienced by the graduates and guests this year.

The crowd of graduating students turned up at the venue wearing their CIIT-SHS signature white and blue togas while flashing their sweetest and bright smiles. At the same time, the enthusiasm of guests to see their children receiving their diplomas on stage was extremely felt around the hall even before the formal start of the ceremony. Families even gathered round to capture in the camera this special moment of their children.

Perhaps, one of the many graduates looking forward to the events of the day was none other than the batch’s cream of the crop herself—Julianne Miles M. Alulod. Julianne received the highest award upon achieving the top score among her batch and bagged several special awards for her outstanding performances in school. As the top student of the batch, Julianne delivered a heartwarming speech filled with kind recognition to the noteworthy contributions of their teachers, and acknowledgment to her batchmates who made their SHS journey even more worthwhile. The eight-minute speech of this achiever brought laughter and tears to the students and guests, as they commemorate and recalled both the happy and challenging times together as students of CIIT.

“At the end of the day, we are now High School graduates. Some of us will proceed to college, (while) some will have a soul-searching year. There will be hugs and tears all over the place. Make-ups will be ruined for tearful goodbyes. But I know, that (today) we will be marching on with our lives and looking at best for our future” Julianne concluded. True enough, the ceremony ended with hugs and tears of families and their accomplished children, and “tearful goodbyes”
among classmates.

The CIIT-SHS family is so proud of you, CIITzens! We are excited to see you marching on to new heights and moving forward to the next chapter of your academic life.

CIIT-SHS 2nd Commencement Exercise: Moving Forward

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