CIIT has new online course offerings for Filipinos across the Philippines

CIIT Ramps Up Efforts in Providing Quality Education With New Course Offerings

CIIT is ready to welcome the AY 2022-2023 with new business-centered courses that cater to students across the Philippines with their online courses.

The Department of Education (DepEd) has been committed to rising above the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the education sector. It’s no secret that its effects have added up to the educational crisis our students, administration, and other stakeholders are facing.

To address this issue in education quality, DepEd focuses on leveraging technology through the Digital Rise Program. This aims to produce tech-savvy and 21st century-ready citizens through the implementation of three components of Information and Communications Technology (ICT): digital literacy (where students will learn how to use productivity tools, basic programming skills, and vocational skills); ICT-assisted teaching (where teachers will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, tools, and equipment); and ICT-assisted learning (where students will have easy access to software and tools to adapt to online learning).

CIIT, as one of the leading schools providing quality technology and arts courses, understands the value of incorporating digital transformation into education. Thus, the institution makes sure to create better programs that are aligned with the projects of DepEd.

Aside from improving the courses and curriculum of their current courses; they also developed new programs that will prepare students to thrive in the modern workplace in this age of technology—office-based, remote, and hybrid working setups—and in different lines of business.

That said; CIIT continues to make effort to ensure that each course is well thought of and reflects their mission and vision of helping the next generation to realize their passion; in turn equipping them with industry-based technical skills and molding their character into citizens with integrity.

To date, CIIT offers programs and courses for senior high school (SHS), bachelor’s degree, online learning, corporate training, and summer workshops. Under SHS, they have programming, animation, and media and visual arts. For college courses, you can choose from computer science, entertainment and multimedia computing, multimedia arts, and information systems.

In addition, CIIT has short courses such as UI/UX, digital illustration and page, creative illustration and character, and web design, video editing, web programming, advanced motion graphics, 3D animation, game, mobile app, mobile VR, and Python for web development, basic and advanced digital marketing, data science, Java bootcamp, and Agile training program.

CIIT doesn’t just help senior high school and college students; they also have courses for professionals and kids. Their corporate training includes Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, 3D animation, web design and development, Java, Agile, and Python training, systems development, games design and programming, and photography. They offer summer workshops for kids—3D character and game design, cartoon illustration, and traditional sketching.

Just recently, they introduced new programs for senior high school and college—accountancy, business, and management (ABM) strand and Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (BSE). This is in line with the institution’s commitment to educating students to be industry-ready graduates who are confident, competent, and experts in digital art, programming, and business.

Not only that, they also launched Online Distance Learning (ODL). This enables students across the Philippines to enroll in any online program CIIT offers. The ODL initiative promotes easy access to learning with the power of ICT, just as DepEd envisioned 21st century learning in this new normal post-pandemic.

As the new school year is fast approaching, CIIT continues to boost their efforts in revamping all course outlines, syllabi, and teachers’ classroom management strategies. Since most schools are open for reservations and enrollment, this is the best time to do your part. Start exploring different courses and weigh your options.

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