ciit student portal

CIIT Launches Student Portal

In the effort to provide the best and most efficient service and information provider for the schools’ beloved student and faculty members, CIIT launches its very own Student Portal, an innovative program sure to make everyone in campus on top of events and updates within the academic community. This unique program is designed to assist students in managing their time and schedules by informing them of their project deadlines, examination schedule, payment due dates and even upcoming events essential for the active CIIT student.

At the same time, this wonderful new initiative will also provide the faculty and staff with the same services, helping them with their work load, and further giving them the opportunity to interact and grow coles with their students. The exciting new program also has the ability to store files and date, allowing submissions to be more hassle-free.

“We are very happy that the response from both Faculty and Students have been very positive and everyone openly welcomed and started using the system as soon as it was implemented”, said Conrad Maraan of the IT Department. Useful and definitely state of the art, this is another state of the art development from the country’s top ICT university in the Philippines.

CIIT Student Portal screen shot and a message from the President, Mr. Niel Dagondon.

Student Portal in full implementation as both faculty and students start to familiarize themselves with the new system.