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CIIT-IBM Academic Partnership: Its First Success Story

The Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology is proud to announce that two of its Software Engineering students have passed IBM’s most difficult and rewarding DB2 Certification Exam. Earth Ponce Maniebo and Karl Lorenzo Moskito have successfully acquired the elusive certificate, achieving what it takes to be individuals and professions who are industry ready to enter into any IBM affiliated organizations not only in the Philippines but in other countries as well. Of course, an achievement like this is one of the core missions of CIIT, as this academic institution strives and dedicates itself to provide world-class developments in the field of Multimedia Arts and IT studies which would ensure each and every graduate to be adequately prepared for their bright careers.

Acquiring the DB2 Certification Examination is a feat that deserves recognition.  Contrary to popular belief, in this particular industry, a bachelor’s degree specializing in information technology is not enough to guarantee a plethora of opportunities for a new graduate. There are those companies who seek out individuals with a certified expertise in a specific and particular field or type of work.  For companies that use IBM merchandises, equipment or services, they require employees who are adept, aware and knowledgeable on this very definite and precise work. To be certain that applicants meets the necessary skillset to carry out the responsibilities of the position, they look for industry certifications, more than anything,  from IBM themselves, which is what the DB2 Certification does.

CIIT, who’s aware of this special condition in the industry, not only ensures its graduates quality education, but also gives them the option to obtain these certifications, as proven by their recent partnership with IBM, which gives the student’s the opportunity to take the test and procure a large discount for the fees of the examination, which is a big assistance especially for these trying times.

We laud the success that Earth Ponce Maniebo and Karl Lorenzo Moskito has achieved, and as one of the premier schools in the industry of information technology in the country, we will continue our efforts to produce more experts prepared for any challenges after they graduate. CIIT is expected to once again send a batch of IT students to take the IBM DB2 Certification Exam in a few months and we look forward to the success of these students once again!

Did you find the exam easy?
Earth: Well, it depends on how well you reviewed. For me, I find it moderate because some of the questions were just out of this world.

Karl: It still depends on how well you studied. But for me, I find it quite hard because some of the lessons I reviewed didn’t come out of the exam.

How did you prepare for the IBM Certification Exam?
Earth: Aside from Sir Paul Pajo’s regular lessons, I also watched video tutorials, answered the mock exam on db2university.com as well as Sir Pajo’s mock exam.

Karl: Aside from Sir Paul Pajo’s class, I reviewed the practice test in db2university.com and slides that sir Paul Pajo gave to us.

How does it feel to pass the exam?
Earth: I feel like I’m on Cloud 9. I feel proud. I’m also relieved that I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Karl: That time I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if I was gonna’ jump or shout for joy.

Who inspired you the most to take it?
Earth: Sir Pajo is the one who inspired me the most. I saw all of his hard works just to teach and help us pass the certification exam. My other inspirations include my family and friends. 🙂

Karl: Of course, Sir Pajo because he did everything he could for us to pass, next are my friends and family.

What particular part of the exam did you find difficult?
Earth: XML and XQUERY!!!

Karl: Just like Earth said XML and XQUERY 🙂

Were the topics in your exam discussed in your previous subjects?
Earth: Yes, all of the topics covered in the exam were discussed in our previous subjects.

Karl: Of course, all of ’em 🙂

How will this certification exam benefit you in the future?
Earth: Better job placement, a decent salary and an impressive resume 🙂

Karl:  Better job placement, a high salary and an impressive resume when applying for a job.
Karl Moskito and Earth Maniebo becomes CIIT’s first students to recevie IBM DB2 Certification through the Academic partnership

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