CIIT HIMO: A Visual Experience

CIIT Senior High School Exhibit “HIMO”: A Visual Experience

What a better way to end the school term than to showcase everything you have learned in an unforgettable art exhibit and market. For the second time around, the CIIT SHS Department spearheaded an event where the graduating batch proudly paraded their masterpieces to the public. The exhibit, dubbed as “HIMO: A Visual Experience”, took place on April 30, May 1 and 2 at the Interweave Building in Kamuning, Quezon City.

More than fifty booths were formed from their total population of three hundred. Amazingly, these young and creative lads of CIIT-SHS went out of their way to produce artworks and merchandises in various forms and designs. Each table displayed the beautifully crafted exhibits of the students transforming the selected rooms and the gym area into a colorful and festive-looking space. On top of that, the warm and creative spirits of the kids welcomed each guest upon visiting the booths.

What does “HIMO” mean?

Himo came from the Cebuano verb "Panghimo"

“Himo” is from the Cebuana verb, “Paghimo” which means “to compose” or “to create”. With a vision of showcasing the creativity and skill of the students, the term was fitting to represent the purpose and goal of the event. Similarly, it describes the design theme in which the students composed of their own. Likewise, guests were challenged to have a visual and live presentation of the student’s works with the intention of making the experience more memorable and at the same time interactive.

Every year, CIIT Senior High School organizes “HIMO: A Visual Experience” to mark the end of the school year. It is a school-based event that was created to serve as a completion for the requirements of Grade 12 students for their Entrepreneurship and Inquiries Investigation Immersion (i3) subjects. Each student makes a variety of their works available for selling and showcasing to the public with the intention of promoting their creative skills.

CIIT HIMO art booths

In this year’s Himo, the students showcased both artistry and innovation as they produced sculptures, paintings, and dioramas that ultimately awaken your love for Art. Some also produced uniquely customized items such as hand-painted shirts, shoes, and bags, printed photos on wood, amusing stickers of favorite cartoon and anime characters, books, programs, and other creative endeavors.

“Though the time crunch may have been stressful and hectic, we believe that it was still a success considering the main objectives of the event (to sell and showcase the works of the students) was met,” says Ram Rajni Lagutan, the student organizer of the event. Few of the students had little to no sleep days before the 3-day event to prepare their own projects. Some even had to extend their preparation time after the first day of the exhibit.

CIIT HIMO featured the artistry of their SHS students

On the second day of the showcase, the Grade 11 students spent some time to roam around and visit the exhibit of their Seniors. “We purely enjoyed the number of visuals we witnessed throughout the event,” says Liezel Salcedo, a Grade 11 student of (what strand). According to the Grade 12 students, it was quite memorable when the Juniors visited their exhibit. They were happy to see their reactions of awe and enlightenment in relation to their hard-earned projects.

CIIT HIMO: A Visual Experience participants

Congratulations, Grade 12 students for a successful exhibit this year! If you are an incoming Senior High School Student who would like to experience hands-on learning in the area of both digital arts and technology, visit our website to get more information about our Senior High School program. For further assistance, you may also contact our Admission’s Officer at 02 411 11 96 or email us via info@ciit.edu.ph.

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