CIIT partnership with Go-live Pacific

CIIT Forges New Partnership with Go-Live Pacific

The Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology recognizes that one of the difficulties any new graduate comes across with is the initial job hunt that comes after graduation. At the same time, CIIT is also aware that most students are ill-equipped to handle the rigor and stress-filled environment of today’s professional landscape. Because of such harrowing realities, CIIT has entered into an industry-academic partnership with Go-Live Pacific, a consultancy firm based on Manila and Australia which focuses on technology-enabled solutions and various IT-related services.

The partnership opens up various opportunities for the talented and hardworking students of CIIT. For one, the new union has a job-placement program which provides qualified students the opportunity to join the organization in its exciting endeavors. At the same time, the firm, using its numerous resources, provides valuable information to CIIT, which the school then incorporates to its various programs in the hopes of giving the students of what to expect once they leave the comfortable halls of the school. Finally, the new partnership will also pave the way for both organizations to initiate and conduct a series of seminars and talks which would not only offer a rough guide on how to manage the corporate jungle, it will also deliver training modules and exercises carefully designed to prepare CIIT’s students with what to know and what to do once they finally find themselves in their first jobs.

This is but one of the many steps CIIT is undertaking to provide not only to make the best possible Multimedia Arts and IT education for today’s youth available, but also to equip them with the necessary skills and mind set to survive the competitive but very exciting world of business.
At the signing of the MOA were (from left) Mr. Robert Peter Ancheta, CIIT Academic Head, CIIT; CIIT President, Mr. Niel Dagondon; Go-Live Pacific Managing Director, Ms. Mila Rivera.

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