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CIIT Congratulates Winners of 2012 Music Video Awards

Last December 17, 2012, CIIT once again held the 2nd Annual CIIT Video Music Awards alongside the CIIT Christmas Party  at The Lounge, Bellagio Square, Tomas Morato, revealing the innovative works of art of the students, using various techniques to constitute their own unique videos that will captivate everyone. There were about 10 teams who participated and submitted their music video entries. The panel of judges consists of Mr. Robert Peter Ancheta, Mr. Jason Moss, Mr. Mochie Cuyco, Mr. Aisaku Yokogawa, the famous recording artist; Mrs. Chary Dino, the managing director for iMagic Productions and Mr. James Mayo, the director and producer for TV5.

After watching the videos, the judges made their deliberation for the winners. The “Best Female Performance” went to Zeus Tribe’s “If It Means A Lot” by A Day to Remember while Team F’s “We Want War” by These New Puritans won the awards for “Best Male Performance” and “Best Production Design”. Meanwhile, Team I’s “Love” by Kazaky won “Best in Video Editing”. The award for the “Best Post Production” was given to Poseidon Tribe’s “Tagpuan” by Kamikazee. Then, Team M’s “3:14” by Modulugeek garnered the “Best in Cinematography”, “Best Direction” and especially, being the “Best Music Video” among the rest.

Myles Capareda who appears to be the director of the winning team was astonished and grateful as his team received the grand prize. “Of course it’s difficult. Hassle because we’re just two in our group,” he told me about his experience on making the video. “Making the concept of the video was perplexing but I think deriving the story, theme, concept and our music was okay yet to execute it is really hard. We have insufficiency of manpower. What if I’m the one who directs and at the same time, I’m the videographer as well? Then, the other one is the assistant director, how about the other tasks? We were very struggling on this situation. But, like I said, our concept is pretty good that’s why it worked out,” he further explained.

Although there are only two of them in the team, they have managed to finish their music video as they were able to maneuver their works and perpetrate their video into something distinct and youthful. Creating their music video also helped them to learn and obtain experience. “I’ve learned many things especially on the technical side. A work force is very essential, it doesn’t matter whether the people in it has low or high positions but if you are roughly few it would be very hard. Each person’s job is significant much that’s why I mostly appreciate people who are diligent and productive,” he said.

Indeed, this event definitely makes a spectacle to all, exhibiting the students’ great talent and imagination through the field of Multimedia Arts and Digital Design. Congratulations to the winners!

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