ciit graduation batch 2012

CIIT Celebrates Its Biggest Graduating Batch 2012

CIIT celebrates another milestone in its history as an academic institution that envisions to provide the very best industry-ready graduates in the field of Multimedia Arts and Information Technology. The 2nd Commencement Exercise was held in the Imperial Palace Hotel last August 31, 2012 as CIIT graduated 77 of its deserving and highly skilled students who have gone through some of the most intensive hands-on training. From simple algebra subjects and fundamentals in logic up to full fledged IT systems implemented by companies; from traditional sketches and paintings to actual multimedia design campaigns, CIIT wished all its graduates the best of luck as they embark towards fulfilling their lifelong dreams of becoming digital and multimedia artists, 3D animators, programmers, game developers and IT professionals!

A message from DATO’ IDRUS BIN MOHD SATHA, President, Cosmopoint Education Group Malaysia

To all Graduates:

“Firstly, I would like to congratulate the Graduating Students of Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology (CIIT) on your milestone achievement. Today marks the 2nd Annual Convocation Commencement for our Philippine academic partners.

Establish since 2007 with eighteen students, this institution has now grown to accommodate over three hundred students. Today, another 77 graduates have earned their Diplomas whereby they will now embark on the journey to a successful career.

As an institution of learning, we have always emphasized a balance between academic and practical learning for gainful employment. We ensure that our students are well equipped with the 21st century skills such as problem solving, civic awareness and creativity through our modern technology teaching methods to achieve learning effectiveness.

With the competitive market condition, I strongly encourage all of you to keep in mind that education is a lifelong learning process. You will need to constantly improve your skills to stay competitive.

For graduates who want to further their studies, I encourage you to consider Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College in Malaysia to pursue your prospective Degree opportunities.

To all graduates, I congratulate you for your accomplishments and wish you all the very best as you set forth into the future.

Thank You.”


CIIT would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding achievements:


Roselyn Joy I. Roño (Software Engineering)


Louielane Abbie A. Ragrag (Computer Graphics Design)
Joseph D. Tan(Software Engineering)
Michael Benjamin A. Rubio(Software Engineering)
Melyssa A. Sotto (Multimedia Application)


Mark C. Lim Tian (Network Design)
Feliz Angeli Mei Dy(Multimedia Application)
Jethro G. Arciaga(Multimedia Application)
John Ax’l Rose H. Singma(Computer Graphics Design)


Angela Mae B. Pedro(Multimedia Application)
Angelene Grace A. Dejan(Computer Graphics Design)
Paolo Crescencio D. Marzo(Software Engineering)


Angelene Grace A. Dejan(Computer Graphics Design)


Michael Benjamin A. Rubio (Software Engineering)

Mr. Alvin Juban, President of Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) serves as guest speaker.

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