2016 Graduates

Batch 2016 – The Millennials Generation: CIIT’s Fifth Commencement Exercises

The most awaited day has come at last. No more deadlines, no more exams and goodbye sleepless nights. Everything in life is achieved through effort. You are now about to harvest the fruit of your dedication. Today is the day you can all say “This is it! It’s Graduation day!”

August 20, 2016 is the day where 81 graduates ended their career as students and commenced a new chapter in their lives as a professional. This day marks a new beginning to move forward and take courage to face new challenges.

During this special event CIIT President, Mr. Sherwin O shared his words of wisdom to the graduates on how to embrace the challenges and changes they will encounter. “Change is very difficult because there are many chances of getting it wrong and only few to get it right. But when the opportunity to make a change comes, my advice to you is to embrace it. Millennials are adventure seekers. But don’t expect adventures to always be happy ones. Don’t avoid them either. It’s okay to be afraid but you have to embrace it like you’ve done here in CIIT. Difficulties in making change are the rare opportunities to reinvent who you are”.

Aim high and dream big! We wish you all the best! Congratulations Batch 2016!

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