CIIT Animation and Art Fairs 2019

CIIT Goes to Animation and Art Fairs this February and March

As we move forward this 2019, we also march towards making more opportunities to all aspiring digital artists. From February to March, our team took part in back-to-back-to-back animation and art fairs to look out for more prospective artists and innovators around the Metro. During these fairs, our CIIT Booth showcased the best features of our school and of course, showed off the talents and skills of our students.

Retro Gaming

CIIT Animation and Art Fairs 2019: Retro Gaming

Imagine taking a step into a time machine that leads to the 90’s – that’s how we felt stepping into the grounds of the very first Retro Gaming Expo in the country. It was a time to relive childhood memories, especially those moments of playing our old time favorite games – Playstations, Game Boy consoles, ancient models of XBOX and other great classics we once loved. The remarkable gaming event took place at the Fishermall Expo Hall last February 22 and 23, 2019. Hundreds of gaming fans, young and old alike, took a trip down the memory lane, expressing sentiments of a time not long ago.

The CIIT Booth featured, for the first time, selected games that our jammers have developed during the 3-day Global Game Jam event. Some of these games were: The last transmission, Running Home, Nostrum Adfectus, Packet Loss, Power Nap, and Where You Are. A lot of kids and young folks who visited the booth found the games to be amusing and interesting after testing each of them out. In fact, some even played a little longer after they found themselves engrossed in them. In order to encourage aspiring artists and game developers alike, the team brought along with them the students behind the games. The CIIT students themselves enjoyed the 2-day run of Retro Gaming Expo, having the chance to see some old gaming consoles, controllers, limited edition board games, anime figures, and a lot more. The Retro Gaming Expo also featured cosplay competition, game tournaments and free play areas around the event that made it even more festive and nostalgic.

Quezon City Animation and IT Fair 2019

CIIT Animation and Art Fairs 2019: IT Fair 2019

On February 26-28, CIIT joined the 4th Quezon City Animation and IT Fair at the Quezon City Museum. With the theme, “QC: Moving towards Future Tech”, industries of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Realities, Mixed Realities, and other new innovations joined the fun by showcasing their all-new technologies. Of course, CIIT, as a digital arts and game development school, wouldn’t miss the opportunity to be part of such an event that can be an avenue to find new aspiring artists who would love to turn their passion into a professional career.

CIIT Animation and Art Fairs 2019: April Sanico

Students from both public and private schools across Quezon City roamed around the fair with excitement as they bubbled up at the sight of new technology. Down at the CIIT Booth, young folks came by to witness the live demonstration of creating digital paint by one of our very own CIIT students, April Sanico, a 2nd-year student of Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing, Major in Digital Animation. As this went on, a few of the best works of our alumni and students were on display on the background.

Sticker Con MNL 2019

CIIT Animation and Art Fairs 2019: Sticker Con MNL Booth

A day of fun and excitement took place last March 16, 2019, as hobbyists, collectors, and enthusiasts gathered together to participate in the much-awaited Sticker Con Manila 2019. At the start of the event, a long queue of sticker fans piled up at the entrance early in the morning to get their hands on the best sticker designs and colorful merchandises. Inside the venue, exhibitors from different industries were all busily preparing their booth by displaying their best works. In just an hour since the start of the event, the Bayanihan Center was filled with students, young artists, and well-known contributors in the field of multimedia and design such as our team, the CIIT College of Arts and Technology.

In anticipation of more than 2000 participants, our team seized the opportunity to be part of this big event to meet creatives from all around. True enough, as we roamed around the venue we spotted sticker designs with unique and eye-catching color combinations, while some showcased anime and cartoon characters, all proving that the event was teeming with creative and artistic minds. Not only was Sticker Con Manila a great avenue to come across such an imaginative community, but the massive event also became a bridge to introduce our Specialist Programs and upcoming Summer Workshops for this year, which would allow fellow artists to enhance their abilities.

CIIT Animation and Art Fairs 2019: Sticker Con MNL Merchandise

If you missed all these events but would like to meet our team (and amazing students), don’t lose hope because you may visit the Interweave Building at 94 Kamuning Rd, Quezon City anytime from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 4:00 PM. Alternatively, you may like our Facebook Page to be kept posted with our next Animation and Art Fairs. You can also reach us at our website, then directly message us using Click desk. See you soon!

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