CIIT SHS Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa

5 Reasons Why CIIT SHS Students’ “Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa” Celebration is Extraordinary

A celebration such as National Language Month or “Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa” shouldn’t be taken for granted. It is a commemoration of our history, culture and identity as Filipinos. With this, CIIT SHS raised the standards in celebrating this remarkable event. Here are 5 reasons why this leading arts and technology school’s “Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa” celebration is truly unforgettable:


  1. More than 300 senior high school students in traditional Filipino costumes

Not a few, but everyone enthusiastically wore Barong Tagalog, Baro’t Saya, Filipiniana, and traditional dress of other ethnic tribes in the country. Some even produced their own props such as ‘sibat’ to make their costumes look more authentic. The students ardently complied to the dress code with some of them exceeding the expectations of everyone by making extra effort in their costumes. And because these students made a special effort, the faculty awarded the students who stood out in traditional Filipino costumes the most.


Kasuotang Pilipino Winners

1st Place

De Guzman, Rolando Miguel (12 Maya)

Velasquez, Janelle Clarisse  (11 Hue)

2nd Place

Perez, Cyv Mikael (11 Hue)

Timango, Emille Joy (11 Unity)

3rd Place

Gromet, Hans Heinrich (12 Maya)

Rodriguez, Carla (12 Balance)


  1. Most-loved Pinoy delicacies

Wearing the Filipino costumes didn’t stop these young folks from feasting the well-loved Filipino food such as Puto, Kutsinta, Turon, Lumpiang Shanghai, Kakanin and the like. An ice cream cart was even made available inside the gymnasium to amuse the students with Filipino’s all-time favorite street ice cream. The students in traditional clothing and Filipino food served in a long table made the atmosphere truly festive.

CIIT Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa Fiesta
Similar to fiesta, a long table with well-loved Filipino delicacies were prepared for the students.
  1. Artworks by young artists inspired by Filipino culture

CIIT SHS showcased the artistry and skill of the students through a competition dubbed as LikhART. It was delightful to witness the young generation creating visual images that are culturally-inspired and relevant.  Below are the winners of the competitions:


Pagsulat ng Islogan

(Grade 11)

1st – Micah Ella Gubatina (11 Unity)

2nd – Tatyana Tamayo (11 Python)

3rd – Ane Yszabel Bacurin (11 Pattern)

Pagsulat ng Islogan

(Grade 12)

1st – Risa Lumaad (12 Balance)

2nd – Rovy Mae Perez (12 Harmony)

3rd – Liezel Salcedo (12 Rhythm)

Patimpalak sa Paglikha ng Logo

1st – 12 Balance

2nd -12  Maya

3rd -11 Variety



Arawang Trivia

Salawikain – Hannah Faith Carpio (12 Java)
Alamat – Janelle Clarise Velasquez (11 Hue)
Talasalitaan – Risa Lumaad (12 Balance)
Talasalitaan – Earvic Noay (11 Variety)

Nutrition Month – Infomercial

1st – 12 Maya
2nd – 12 Rhythm
3rd – 11 Variety



  1. Talentadong Pinoy, the CIIT SHS version

Knowing that young Filipinos are highly talented, CIIT SHS opened the stage for students to show off their talent. The young folks performed OPM songs, cultural and modern dances, traditional and the infamous spoken poetry, and a mixture of all those. The crowd even sang along the well-loved OPMs, making a melodious chorale from the whole CIIT SHS student body.


Lakan and Lakambini 2018

1st Placer: 12 Balance

Risa Lumaad
John Paul Gabilino
Thea Louise Marie Diaz
Hoan Ferdinand Sanque
Erin Baterina
Zacheia Khristy Urquico

2nd Placer: 12 Java

Hannah Faith Carpio
Aaron James Madura
Diana Claire Ambat
Joseph John Clutario
John Carlo Poquiz
Gabriel Corwyn Verceles
Dominic Zachary Torres
Bon Joseph Paguntalan

3rd Placer: 11 Pattern

De Guzman, Zywen Joseph
Lim , Richard Louie
Bagacay, Andrea Marie
Luis, Halyanna Mae
Pizarras , Bernadette Maye
Real, Hannah Valerie
Macarayan, Gillian Colleen


  1. Lakan and Lakambini representing different ethnic groups

The rich and diverse Filipino cultures were made evident by different ethnic groups living around the country. Since we are celebrating the Filipino language, CIIT SHS deemed it important to remember the ethnic tribes in our beloved country. Hence, the Lakan and Lakambini of each section represented a total of 12 ethnic groups in the country, namely, Bukidnon, T’boli, Yakan, Bagobo, Lumad, Subanon, Tagalog, Tagalog (Alta), Tumandok, Arumanen-Manobo, Igorot and Maranao.

The awe-inspiring part was the effort of these participants to go extra mile in preparing for the competition. Together with their respective classmates, competitors made a thorough research of the costume of the tribe they represent. Hand-in-hand, these students worked together to prepare their representatives on the day of the competition. One Lakambini contestant even had the tail of her dress painted by her classmates! Well, their efforts paid off for she was crowned as this year’s Lakambini.

CIIT Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa Lakan-Lakambini
Winners of Lakan and Lakambini 2018

Lakan and Lakambini 2018

1st Placer

Lakan: Galian, Jira (11  Variety)
Lakambini: Cruz, Trisha Mae (11 Symmetry)

2nd Placer

Lakan: Cruz, Adriene Drazen (11 Symmetry)
Lakambini: Ballesteros, Veronica (11 Variety)

3rd Placer

Lakan: Adriano, Apolos (12 Maya)
Lakambini: Mendoza Jizelle (11 Hue)


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