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CIIT New Bachelor’s Degree Caters to Tech and Business-Minded Students

CIIT launches a new college program for students who want to pursue a degree in programming and business management.

The education system in the Philippines continues its efforts to adapt to the change caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Two years ago, schools across the country transitioned from traditional classroom setups to online synchronous and asynchronous classes. Because of this, students had to face the reality of educational transformation.

Now that the number of COVID-19 cases is more controlled since its breakout, there’s a possibility of going back to a face-to-face learning setting. Hence, with the new academic year fast approaching, schools across the Philippines are preparing their curricula. This is to ensure that students will receive relevant quality education adapted to the new normal

In line with this, CIIT made sure to revamp its programs and offer new courses to cater to digital-first learners. Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (BSIS) is one of its newest courses, bridging between business and technology. Its goal is to equip students with business knowledge and technical skills that are innovative, creative, and globally competitive. Our program prepares students to analyze business requirements; communicate these with programmers and other professionals; test software; and provide IT solutions to business needs, among others.

BSIS is best for students who want to be in the field of information technology yet still want to be thriving business leaders. The course equips you with programming skills and advanced entrepreneurial knowledge. Thus, expect that you’ll learn software development, database systems, computer security, and web applications. In addition, you’ll develop skills such as project management, problem-solving, collaboration, marketing, negotiation, and business acumen. Not only that, you’ll also acquire industry-ready knowledge to prepare you for whatever related career path you choose to pursue.

Moreover, the program offers specialized subjects such as programming; organization and management concepts; fundamentals of information systems; data structures and algorithms; IT infrastructure and new technologies; and design thinking for your first year.

For the second academic year, you’ll dive into subjects such as information management; human-computer interaction (UI/UX); business process management; applications development; evaluation of business performance; probability, statistics, and quantitative methods; web programming; machine learning; accounting and financial management; and enterprise systems.

Your third year in the course focuses on subjects such as systems analysis and design; project management; digital marketing; IS innovations and emerging technologies; technopreneurship; data mining, IT security and risk management; IT audit and controls; business analytics; and enterprise architecture.

In your fourth year, you’ll focus on your thesis, immersion, career preparation, and internship. You can also look forward to seminars taught by experts. CIIT’s partnership with industry leaders gives you leverage in the field of business and information technology.

To cater to students across the country and address the transition to hybrid learning, CIIT has modified its curriculum from a trimestral to a quarterly system. Furthermore, the institution is prepared for both face-to-face and online class settings with the use of the Canvas learning management system and its cutting-edge school facilities.

Beyond offering quality education, CIIT provides scholarships to its students so that they can realize their full potential without worrying about their finances. There is the Interweave scholarship program, where freshmen students with excellent SHS grades can avail of a 50% to 100% discount. Aside from that, it provides a 20% tuition reduction to the top 50 students who pass the entrance exam.

With CIIT’s continuous initiative of preparing students to be agents of change, its curriculum, program offerings, and other activities consistently reflect the school’s vision of leading the path to a globally competitive country. As such, you can be at ease knowing that you’re in capable hands.With the school year 2022-2023 just around the corner, start preparing for it. Check out CIIT’s programs for senior high and college courses. Visit the Admission page to learn more about the enrollment and reservation process.

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